Annandale, Va. Issues RFP for Fiber Optic Network

ANNANDALE, VA — The city of Annandale is seeking proposals from potential service providers to work in partnership with the city to install, maintain and operate a fiber optic network that will serve the residents, businesses, institutions and public facilities within the Annandale Community. The initial service area will consist of the city limits, but will be expandable to the greater Annandale area. Proposals must be submitted to the city by August 2, 2014.

The city of Annandale is a small community located in western Wright County that has struggled for multiple years with unreliable and inadequate Internet connectivity both in the city limits and in the surrounding rural areas. The city is serviced by one provider that operates a decaying system. Over the past two years with the increased demand of Internet usage and the lack of investment into the existing system, the entire community has been crippled by the lack of reliable broadband service.

Public/Private Partnership

The city of Annandale has a goal of bringing worldclass telecommunications infrastructure to the city of Annandale and the greater Annandale area and is seeking a public/private partnership to build a fiber optic network allowing the city of Annandale and the vendor(s) to share the costs associated with building and operating the network as well as enabling the the customers of the service area to receive benefits of reduced cost and improved data service.

The city is not interested in operating the network; rather the city is seeking a private sector firm(s) to operate the network and deliver services over the fiber optic network.

Ideally responses to this RFP will identify a vendor(s) interested in bringing a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network and broadband services to the city of Annandale as well as provide for a public/private partnership with the city of Annandale that includes all of the following characteristics:

  • Fiber services and symmetric bandwidth to customer locations that will support HD video streaming, and other bandwidth intensive applications.

  • For the purpose of this RFP, “broadband” is defined as having enough network capacity (100 Megabit preferred) available to support any and all business, personal, and community services and applications. The ideal network architecture should allow affordable and easy expansion of network capacity as new services and needs develop.

  • The network should be affordable for the customer. The city of Annandale’s goal is to provide service options to all properties within the city limits and would like the same service to be offered throughout the greater Annandale area.

Read the formal Request for Proposal here.

Proposal Due By August 2, 2014
Proposals to be delivered to:
Kelly Hinnenkamp
City Administrator
30 Cedar Street East – PO Box K
Annandale, MN 55302


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