Antenna Muth uses KEYMILE Technology in New Fiber Network in Halle, Germany

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HALLE, GERMANY - Broadband network operator Antenna Muth has launched a new fiber optic network using the multi-service access platform MileGate KEYMILE, which allows the company to supply ultra-fast broadband to around 30,000 customers. A fast Internet connection will be an important factor for the economy, especially in a university town like Halle. The local network operator Antenna Muth built the network in several phases and in various districts within their own city network using the multi-service access platform MileGate KEYMILE.

The connection to the building is done with glass fiber (fiber to the building) and then the existing copper infrastructure in the homes is used. By the end of 2013, 30,000 customers in the inner city of Halle will have access to a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of telephony, Internet and TV. A single compact Ethernet/IP-based multi-service access platform MileGate combines broadband access, telephony and data interfaces.

High Interface Density
An outstanding feature is the network's very high interface density. Due to the compact design and low power consumption network operators can use MileGate in central offices, equipment rooms and outdoor enclosures. MileGate uses active Ethernet technology for the subscriber connection. The Ethernet point-to-point solution provides the basis for a sustainable grid infrastructure.

Open Management Interfaces
An important feature of MileGate is the open management interface that allows network operators to easily integrate the deployment process into their own operations, effectively and inexpensively connecting new customers. Based on its long experience in antenna construction Muth's sister company Muth KG offers a complete solution for the broadband expansion to the other network operators or local authorities. It covers all components for broadband networks ranging from passive components such as conduits, cables or sleeves on all the accessories and tool up to the active components such as MileGate KEYMILE.


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