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SUWANEE, GA — ARRIS International, a global provider of IP, video and broadband technology, introduced the NVG578 PON Gateway, a future-ready, offering a flexible platform for network migration. The platform is powered by ARRIS's feature-rich, industry-proven, secure and reliable firmware.

The NVG578 is a customizable passive optical network (PON) gateway platform. It offers service providers a range of options to capitalize on investments in ultra-high-speed broadband applications. And, the ARRIS NVG578 platform delivers the scalability service providers need as they evolve their networks to meet the demands of new services and faster speeds. This includes today's GPON speeds, as well as next-generation XGS-PON and NG-PON2 speeds of up to 10 Gbps symmetrical.

Whole-home Gigabit Wi-Fi
On the wireless side, this gateway delivers whole-home gigabit Wi-Fi, with options to offer 802.11ac and upgrade to 802.11ax in both dual-band and tri-band configurations. The NVG578 also makes smart-home integration easy, thanks to optional IoT radio support. Service providers get the connectivity, reliability and longevity that is now expected from a hub supporting the rapidly growing number of smart-home devices. This is important, as IDC predicts the smart-home segment will experience a compound annual growth rate of 19.8 percent by 2021.

The NVG578 offers Docker container support. Service providers can speed time-to-market, which is crucial as they roll out new features and services. This device includes full support for ARRIS HomeAssure, ARRIS's intelligent Wi-Fi solution that extends coverage and simplifies the end-user Wi-Fi experience.

NVG578 Highlights – Future-ready Gigabit Broadband and Whole-home Wi-Fi

  • Smooth migration from today's GPON deployments to next-generation 10Gb/s

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric PON solutions

  • Flexible architecture supports dual-band or tri-band 802.11ac and 802.11ax Wi-Fi options

  • ARRIS HomeAssure-enabled for smart whole-home Wi-Fi

  • Optional IoT service capability

  • Docker container support for simplified application deployment

  • IPTV video optimization

The ARRIS NVG578 will become available for customer trials in Q1 2018 and generally available in 1H 2018.



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