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SAN JOSE, CA —Calix announced the AXOS GE-24 r2 line card, which enables communications service providers (CSPs) with Active Ethernet networks to embrace the world’s only Software Defined Access Platform and dramatically simplify their operations. CSPs who deploy AXOS can leverage a single OS across all of their networks. As a result, they can reduce OPEX while accelerating the delivery of new services to drive revenue growth. Calix is also launching a suite of Professional Services to help CSPs plan, deploy, and automate the migration of subscribers to the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System. Armed with these new capabilities, CSPs can deliver best-in-class Active Ethernet services to their subscribers today while future-proofing their networks for tomorrow.

Abstracted Service Layer
CSPs who deploy the E7-2 Gigabit Ethernet line card with AXOS, will benefit from a fully abstracted service layer, hardware independence, a modular architecture, SDN interfaces, and stateful operation—all of which dramatically simplify operations. For example, the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox enables CSPs to verify data delivery and service integrity, while troubleshooting network connectivity issues in real-time. All of this can be accomplished without dispatching a truck to investigate or address a network problem.

AXOS also simplifies operations by helping CSPs create common MOPs across all AXOS hardware platforms. Early adopters of AXOS have reduced OSS/BSS integration times by as much as 86 percent while lowering resource requirements and deployment costs. Finally, the unique, Always-On capabilities of AXOS enable CSPs to perform in-service upgrades without network interruptions. By eliminating maintenance windows, AXOS further simplifies network operations.

AXOS Gigabit Ethernet Line Card
The new AXOS Gigabit Ethernet line card delivers critical functionality for point-to-point Active Ethernet connectivity, enabling the delivery of Gigabit services through any deployment model – from central office to outside plant. The line card delivers unrestricted connectivity to subscribers and supports FTTH/FTTB point-to-point residential and business services, as well as the aggregation to GbE and 2.5GE connections.

Calix Education Services
In addition to the new AXOS Gigabit Ethernet line card, Calix Professional Services has developed an offering to help accelerate and automate subscriber migration to the new AXOS E7-2 System. CSPs who have partnered with the Calix Services team to migrate subscribers to new networks have realized reductions in deployment times by as much as to 90 percent. Additionally, the Calix Education Services team has updated its AXOS Learning Path to help educate CSP operations teams. The service now includes courses that cover Active Ethernet E7-2 voice, video, and data services.




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