ASSIA Adds GPON Expresse Monitoring and Diagnostics Tool

REDWOOD CITY, CA — ASSIA, a SaaS solutions company for global enterprise and consumer markets, announced the availability of GPON Expresse, a fully-featured monitoring and diagnostics software tool that complements and builds upon its Expresse product portfolio.

Deploying GPON is a multi-stage process, involving the optical distribution network (ODN), the optical line termination (OLT) in central offices and an optical network terminal for each subscriber. Without GPON Expresse, operators must interrupt service to all subscribers on the PON by disconnecting the fiber from the OLT, connecting expensive test equipment (both in the central office and the field), and testing multiple points in the ODN to localize the problem. This is both time-consuming and expensive.

"GPON Expresse provides a way to visualize the entire GPON and localize the problem in five main areas — the OLT, the trunk fiber, the distribution fiber, the drop fiber or xDSL link to the home, and the ONT or DSLAM modem/gateway for hybrid access networks," explains Barry Gray, senior vice president of service provider marketing for ASSIA. "This ability results in rapid fault isolation, diagnosis, and repair, and since GPON Expresse is fully integrated with DSL Expresse, service providers benefit from a consistent and powerful diagnostics tool for customer call center agents, field technicians, and engineering teams."

Like its DSL counterpart, GPON Expresse is entirely hardware-agnostic and based on open standards, enabling operators to use any underlying hardware (OLTs, ONTs), and to integrate with other network software products.


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