AT&T to Light Georgia's Covington Town Center with Fiber-Based Broadband

AT&T Connected Communities, Mixed-Use will supply AT&T Fiber across the 180-acre development, delivering symmetrical internet speeds up to 5 Gigs to consumers and small businesses.

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The Foxfield Company or Covington Town Center has secured an agreement with AT&T Connected Communities, Mixed-Use to offer AT&T Fiber for residential, small business and enterprise customers at Covington Town Center.

At Covington Town Center, we aim to provide residents & businesses with the best amenities and a strong, high-speed internet connection is at the top of the list. We’ve selected AT&T Fiber as the provider because it’s truly internet that upgrades everything by offering consumers America’s fastest internet1 paired with network reliability. Here are just a few ways our residents and commercial tenants will benefit from this service:

  • Consumer & Small Business: Hyper-gig Speeds: With the recent surge in internet activity, households can consume terabytes of data across dozens of devices. AT&T Fiber’s hyper-gig speeds are primed for the growing bandwidth demands placed on your home internet network. Like freeways with several high-speed lanes, hyper-gig speeds open those lanes for various connected devices to run at their fastest possible speed. And let’s not forget about small business owners. When your customers need you, we know you want to support them as quickly as possible. So, whether online, in-store, via chat or over email, hyper-gig speeds can help ensure that you can connect with your customers whenever needed.
  • Straightforward Pricing: Bills can be hard to understand and overly complicated, especially when there are surprise charges and unexpected fees. AT&T Fiber makes it simple. They’ve eliminated annual contracts, data caps, equipment fees and price increases for 12 months. This way you’ll know what to expect every month.
  • Security Included: AT&T offers proactive internet security to help protect you from cyber threats. AT&T Fiber customers get AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security features such as Malicious Site Blocking, Weak Password Detection, Connected Device Monitoring, and more – at no additional cost to them.

Enterprises inside Covington will also be able to access key business services:

  • Switched Ethernet on Demand: Dynamic bandwidth on demand through a web-based dashboard, with traffic prioritization technology, provides secure virtual private networks and managed solutions.
  • AT&T Dedicated Internet: Businesses can access up to 1 Tbps

“Covington Town Center is a $350 million dollar mixed-use development east of Atlanta, Ga. Our objective is to build the best project possible and that is why we have teamed with AT&T. Their fiber will give our commercial and residential tenants the connectivity they desire,” said Harry E. Kitchen, Jr., President, The Foxfield Company.

“The addition of AT&T Fiber is a testament to Covington Town Center’s commitment to create an environment where residents and business customers can thrive,” said Caleb Deerinwater, VP, fiber sales and distribution at AT&T. “High speed internet is the foundation on which most of our day-to-day activities rely on, like working from home, remote learning, shopping online and social networking. AT&T Fiber delivers on these network-demanding tasks today and is built to take on the ones that are yet to come.”

All residents will be eligible to receive the fastest internet in the U.S. right here at Covington Town Center thanks to AT&T Fiber. Speeds begin at 300 Mbps and can reach up to 5 Gbps for consumers and small businesses while enterprise customers can order dedicated internet speeds up to 1 Tbps, where available.


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