ATIS and SIP Forum Complete New IP-Based Network to NNI Technical Specification

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WASHINGTON and NORTH ANDOVER, MA — Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the SIP Forum announced completion of the first standardized IP-based network-to-network interconnection (NNI) with consensus across North American Service providers. This accomplishment enables a major objective identified in the United States National Broadband Plan, to ensure that all service connections between providers occur at the Internet Protocol (IP) level. It also helps the industry advance a major business objective of achieving the interconnection needed to reliably deliver a range of exciting new IP-based services. This work is the product of the ATIS/SIP Forum Joint Task Force, which is at the forefront of conducting an industry effort to evaluate the current state of IP-IP interconnection, identify problem areas, and provide detailed protocol-level specifications to advance solutions.

Protocol-level IP-NNI Specification for Voice
Two recently completed documents provide a detailed, protocol-level IP-NNI specification for one service — voice. From this initial profile, further specifications can more easily be developed. The two new ratified documents are (1) IP Interconnection Profile, which describes a reference architecture and specifications for both the protocol and media as it appears “on-the-wire” at interconnect points; and (2) IP Interconnection Routing Report, which documents mechanisms for identifying the preferred IP interconnection point for a given phone number.

Simplifying IP Interconnection
“By simplifying IP interconnection for voice and making it easier to set up IP services, the groundwork is in place for delivering ubiquitous advanced real-time communications,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “The opportunities are virtually limitless, but examples of new services envisioned on the horizon are high-definition voice, point-to-point video calling and multimedia text across wireless, wireline and cable providers. ATIS is excited about the value our collaboration with the SIP Forum is delivering the industry.”

Phase 2 Underway
With the new specification in place, work on Phase 2 of the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Joint Task Force is underway. It will address inter-carrier video calling, enhanced calling name delivery (CNAM), and develop an implementation profile for secure caller ID based on the IETF STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) Working Group. These technical initiatives represent the commitment and leadership of the industry to protect consumers and enterprises from the plague of Caller ID Spoofing and Robocalls.

Phase 2 will also provide requirements for IP-NNI interoperability testing and conduct a detailed assessment of the ongoing security requirements for VoIP (Voice over IP) interconnect. “It is our intention to build on success. We are delighted with our collaboration with ATIS,” said Richard Shockey, chairman of the SIP Forum. “We are jointly committed to fulfilling the promise of the ‘any-to-any’ model of real-time communications over an all-IP infrastructure. In addition, we will fully integrate our SIPconnect Specification for seamless IP-PBX or Cloud- based services into the NNI effort. Once that is achieved, we will have fulfilled the promise of ubiquitous multi media Enterprise Unified Communications.”

Both of the new specifications are available free of charge in the ATIS White Paper Center:


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