Atlanta Marriott Marquis Selects Tellabs Optical LAN for Guest Fiber Connectivity

  • Tellabs
  • VT Group
NAPERVILLE, IL — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, and VT Group, a global solutions integrator, have successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the fiber-based LAN network at the 52-story building Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Though challenged by the Atlanta Marriott Marquis’ center atrium architecture, the passive optical LAN delivered substantial benefits for Marriott, including less cabling, reduction in telecommunications rooms and a fiber-to-the-room design that efficiently converged guest services.

Marriott International has been an advocate for fiber-to-the-room technology for over three years since it allows them to deliver higher bandwidth, with more security, in a smaller footprint, that benefits their hotel guests, employees, owners and operators. With this fiber-based infrastructure in place, hotel owners, operators and developers, are now in control of their network future — they are no longer technology dependent and they possess greater flexibility for addressing network change.

Overcoming Architectural Challenges
By eliminating the 22 would-be telecommunications equipment rooms at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Marriott saved over $100,000 with the Tellabs Optical LAN installation and substantial on-going operational savings. Not only did the Tellabs Optical LAN reduce cabling costs, it substantially lowered weight impact, space restrictions and smoke-load for the building. “The Atlanta Marriott Marquis iconic cavernous atrium is spectacular to see, but the architectural challenge it imposed on the network up-grade was momentous to overcome. Tellabs Optical LAN was the optimal cost-effective answer that delivered improved network performance demanded by Marriott’s guests,” said Mike Dagenais, Tellabs president and CEO. “The Tellabs Optical LAN was the best choice for Marriott to deliver on the expectations of the tech-savvy guests accessing mobile check-in, location services, mobile room key and digital concierge services from their smart phones, tablets, laptops and even wearable devices."

VT Group provided end-to-end integration of the IT engineering and installation services for the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. “VT Group prefers designing and implementing passive optical LAN because it give our engineers many options that ultimately benefit our clients,” said John Cook, VT group president of enterprise IT. “With the fiber-based infrastructure installed, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis has many choices for Wi-Fi and cellular optimization today and into the future."


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