Atlantic Broadband to Deliver 1 Gigabit Internet Service in Greater Miami Area

  • Atlantic Broadband
MIAMI — Cable operator Atlantic Broadband announced that it is delivering 1 Gbps symmetrical Internet within its Miami footprint. Atlantic Broadband launched this service to residents of Indian Creek Village this past summer and is currently evaluating expansion opportunities.

With this 1 gigabit Internet service from Atlantic Broadband, Indian Creek residents now have the ability to download and upload data and files as fast as they can be saved to a computer hard drive. This means customers can download an entire digital movie (14 GB) in under two minutes or 25 songs in one second. Additionally, with this service customers can also video conference with 10 people at once, or work from home with a connection that is faster than what exists in most offices.

Gigabit Speeds with No Usage Caps
Unique to Atlantic Broadband, the company’s gigabit service has no usage caps so customers can take full advantage of the tremendous speeds without any usage limitations. Atlantic Broadband offers the 1 gigabit Internet service to Indian Creek Village residents in a package that also includes more than 350 TV channels, TiVo’s multi-room DVR platform with access to Netflix content, and unlimited local and domestic calling for up to four phone lines.

Unlike competitors that must build new networks to implement this type of service, Atlantic Broadband’s network has the scalability and power to deliver gigabit Internet today. The company is actively seeking the most interested communities and buildings for its next deployments as it works to bring gigabit Internet more broadly to its customer base in the Miami Beach area.

“Indian Creek prides itself in offering its residents the very best services and we set the bar high for our partners,” said Indian Creek Village Mayor Bernard Klepach. “Atlantic Broadband has definitely exceeded these expectations, and we are thrilled to partner with a local company that can deliver both the most advanced Internet service available today coupled with high responsive local service.”

“Atlantic Broadband is proud to be the first company to deliver 1 gigabit Internet service to its customers here in the Miami Beach area,” said Atlantic Broadband’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of South Florida, David Keefe. “While other companies are talking about what they will be doing, Atlantic Broadband moved forward and started offering this service in one of its communities. We look forward to extending access to our gigabit Internet service to other properties and communities within our Miami footprint.”


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