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NAPERVILLE, IL — Tellabs, a provider of passive optical networking solutions, announced that the Aurora Public Library has selected its Optical LAN solution for its new 92,000 square-foot main facility in Aurora, Ill., scheduled to open in May 2015. The Richard and Gina Santori Library will leverage Tellabs' innovative fiber-optic technology to meet its patrons' growing bandwidth needs and build a scalable, simple, secure and sustainable local area network (LAN) infrastructure.

The Santori Library will deploy the Tellabs 1134 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) that can serve a high density of users from a small four-rack unit chassis and the Tellabs 140 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and virtual LAN (VLAN) aware gigabit network. Optical LAN will interface to the library's existing core network, ensuring all native security filtering and firewalls remain in place. This will eliminate the need for some legacy access switches in the communications closet. The Optical LAN infrastructure will also be critical in enabling the Santori Library to achieve its sustainability goals, including the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Meeting Future Network Needs of High-performance Buildings
Unlike the traditional copper-based LAN, Tellabs' Optical LAN was designed to meet the future network needs of high-performance buildings. Furthermore, Optical LAN will deliver gigabit speeds to support the library's voice, data, video and wireless services from a single, converged fiber-based network. As a result, the library will gain a future-proof and simpler infrastructure with efficient, centralized management. Additionally, Tellabs' Optical LAN could enable the Santori Library to serve additional libraries within an 18-mile radius.

"Tellabs' Optical LAN technology is instrumental in the continued innovation of the Aurora Public Library system," said Eva Luckinbill, director of the Aurora Public Library. "But, Optical LAN is not just a more innovative solution, it is an overall smarter choice. It gives us the flexibility to scale and adapt to whatever the educational and informational needs of the community are in the years ahead," added Linda Whitmill, automated services coordinator of the Aurora Public Library.

"Our customers are life-long partners that understand the importance of forward-looking solutions. This made Optical LAN a perfect fit for the Aurora Public Library's new Santori Library," said Charlie Stone, vice president of North American sales at Tellabs. "This deployment is yet another example of our dedication to evolving the LAN architecture for those that need a simpler, more secure and sustainable solution."


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