Australian NBN Co Releases Plans for Fiber Network Rollout

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Australia's ambitious National Broadband Network rollout is under way, and more than half a million homes and businesses are slated to have fiber-based services available soon.

NBN Co, the government-owned corporation that is building the network, just released its first 12-month construction outlook, in which it listed communities where work is already in progress or will begin between now and September 2012. Construction already under way will make services available to 63,500 homes and businesses; within the next year, construction will begin in an additional 28 locations with a total of 485,000 premises.

In each location, service delivery will begin about 12 months from the time network construction begins.
Once each local network is ready for service, households and businesses can purchase broadband and telephony packages from one or more of 28 retail communications providers. Twelve of these companies have already completed the necessary accreditation and on-boarding process in preparation for service delivery.

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley comments, "Today's announcement represents the start of a major nationwide construction effort that should eventually see us offer National Broadband Network coverage to every one of Australia's 13 million premises. We'll be publishing regular updates about where precisely the NBN is being rolled out and when it will reach each area. Public education activity, to launch next year, will also explain what the rollout will mean for every Australian, how to connect to the network and why it is important that the nation upgrades its telecommunications infrastructure."

To help service providers plan their investment and marketing programs, NBN Co also provided rollout and activation data for new housing developments. NBN Co is building fiber infrastructure in more than 90 new developments, and it has approved applications with developers to build fiber over the next 12 months in approximately 500 towns and suburbs.

Residents of Australia's thinly populated rural areas will have access to next-generation wireless and satellite networks.


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