Axia Announces FTTp Internet Expansion Initiative Into USA

CALGARY, AB — Axia (AXX), a provider of services over its own pure fiber networks, is interested in determining which American cities are interested in a 100 percent privately funded, Gbps enabled FTTP network. Axia's experience includes FTTP deployments in Alberta (Canada), France and Singapore. All its networks utilize best-in-class fiber design methodologies and network electronics operating on an open access platform to ensure an industry leading customer experience.

Axia's open access model allows for end users to purchase Gbps capable network services directly or through value added providers utilizing Axia's flexible network access models. This type of approach offers the market a sustainable competitive platform that results in optimized choice and value to end users. For example, Axia's FTTP solution in Singapore offered a competitive marketplace that seeded the growth of an additional 22 service providers — when there was initially only four, all of which compete on the same fiber network by offering high value options to residents and businesses. A key to Axia's success is ensuring all providers compete with the best services the Internet has to offer.

Seeking Candidate Cities
Axia announced that any city with 20,000 to 100,000 premises reaching a minimum threshold of 40 percent expressions of interest on their website are candidates for Axia's ubiquitous FTTP network. Additionally, collections of towns in a region made up of 20,000 to 30,000 premises, of which 40 percent express interest in Axia's services are eligible for comprehensive Axia fiber investment. Upon a region or city achieving 40 percent Axia would conduct a comprehensive cost assessment and work with the community leadership to ensure viability prior to proceeding with investment.

"We are excited to work with progressive city leadership across the United States to bring differentiation and transformational economic benefits to their markets," commented Robert Price, vice president of enterprise and residential services for North America. "There has been incremental progress in the large American cities by established TelCo and CableCo's, but smaller cities and more remote regions have outdated infrastructure for what is needed in a modern digital economy."

Blanket Coverage
While a number of providers are offering fiber services to high density, MDUs and high income neighborhoods, Axia's design criteria and installation ensures comprehensive coverage, blanketing the entire city or collection of towns in a region with home run fiber — without requiring government funding.

Axia is dedicated to providing ubiquitous and competitively priced state-of-the-art fiber optic Internet services; Symmetrical upload and download speeds from 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps and unlimited data usage. Axia understands that the only way to be successful is to provide superior services at a very competitive market rate.


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