Belden Improves Fiber Network Reliability with New Management Spools

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ST. LOUIS — Belden, a global provider of signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, introduces FiberExpress (FX) Ultra-High Density (UHD) Fiber Management Spools that manage and protect fiber cable slack for improved appearance and reliability of field-terminated fiber networks in data centers, central office and campus applications.

In today’s high-speed fiber networks, cable slack is necessary for connector terminations and reterminations, as well as for reconfiguring connections as needs change. Managing the excess slack to prevent damage to the fiber and keep it organized for easy access is vital to maintaining maximum network performance and reliability, as well as maintaining a neat, professional appearance.

The Fiber Management Spools are available as an optional accessory for use with the FX UHD rack-mount fiber connectivity system. Unlike other fixed patch panels, the spools can be easily configured inside the panel into multiple smaller or single larger loops to properly manage various amounts of slack and fiber types, including loose-tube 250µm fiber and indoor/outdoor 900µm buffered fiber. The unique magnetic latching system eliminates pinch points associated with traditional fiber management spools. This is especially critical for smaller, more fragile 250µm fiber terminated at entrance facilities.

Storing and Managing Slack
“The fiber slack associated with field-terminated networks using pigtails or mechanical splice-on connectors needs to be protected to prevent inadvertent fiber breakage that can cause downtime or bend radius violations that can degrade network performance,” says Dwayne Crawford, product line manager for Belden. “Slack is a part of every field-terminated fiber network — not only does it enable future changes, but there needs to be enough slack to accommodate terminating the fiber in the first place or for re-terminating in the event that a damaged connector needs to be replaced. That slack needs to be stored and properly managed in a way that keeps it protected when opening and closing fiber drawers. The new FX UHD Fiber Management Spools and magnetic latching system together keep slack properly organized, while maintaining proper bend radius and preventing fiber strain and pinching.”


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