Bell Partners with Plume to Launch Whole Home Wi-Fi Service

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PALO ALTO, CA — Canadian communications company Bell announced the availability of its new Whole Home Wi-Fi service. Partnering with Plume, the pioneer of Adaptive Wi-Fi, Bell becomes Canada’s first internet service provider to offer an adaptive, whole home Wi-Fi package to customers as a monthly subscription.

“Bell continues to solidify its position as an innovation leader,” said Fahri Diner, CEO of Plume. “This trifecta of fast broadband, broad coverage, and adaptive control is the foundation of a superior home internet experience. We are honored to be a part of this impressive initiative."

Home Hub 3000 Modem
Bell customers with the Home Hub 3000 modem can now seamlessly extend smart and fast Wi-Fi to every corner of their homes using the sleek new pods designed by Plume. These customers will benefit from easy on-boarding of Pods, a feature rich, Plume powered mobile App for iOS and Android, and comprehensive Adaptive Wi-Fi features — including dynamic Wi-Fi interference mitigation, sophisticated band and client steering of devices across the Home Hub 3000 and the Pods, dynamic load balancing, adaptive mesh topologies, and device specific optimizations of the home network.

“Providing our customers with the most innovative communications solutions is always Bell’s primary focus,” said Rizwan Jamal, president of Bell Residential Services and Small Business. “Through our partnership with Plume, our customers will be the first in Canada to experience a fully adaptive Wi-Fi service that brings smart and fast Wi-Fi to every room in the home.”

Initially available to qualifying customers in Ontario and Québec, and coming to Atlantic Canada and Manitoba, Whole Home Wi-Fi Pods are available at $5 per month for a 4-pack, and $2 per month for added singles.


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