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PHILADELPHIA — Comcast Business announced an expanded partnership with Benjamin’s Desk, Philadelphia’s regional coworking and incubator community, to provide technology and networking services to three additional locations across the city. Beginning in 2013 at the original Benjamin’s Desk location in Rittenhouse Square, Comcast Business has provided the incubator’s more than 1,000 members with a scalable, high-performance network that delivers Ethernet, voice and TV services. Local start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses heavily rely on Benjamin’s Desk infrastructure to support their cloud-driven companies and enable growth.

Described as “Philadelphia’s Premier Coworking Network,” Benjamin’s Desk provides mobile professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and start-ups with more than just an office space. Each Benjamin’s Desk location offers conference rooms, private phone lines and community space with a kitchen and entertainment options. Members are provided with access to capital resources, economic partnerships with organizations like the Startup Federation, a global network of incubator communities, and high-profile networking events designed to assist with business growth.

Connecting Corporations and Start-ups to Drive Innovation
“We are seeing change in the regional business market and the overall entrepreneurial mindset. It has gone from a fragmented ecosystem to a collaborative experience of connecting corporations and start-ups to drive innovation. It is a new way to operate that is focused on the work experience, rather than just a physical location,” said Benjamin’s Desk co-founder and co-CEO Anthony Maher. “Benjamin’s Desk enables that collaboration and connectivity. And as we grow, we need to ensure our members have access to the same quality and types of services no matter which location they are working at.”

To ensure its 250 member companies experience faster technology capabilities, Benjamin’s Desk upgraded to a 1 Gbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet at its original location in Rittenhouse Square and implemented a fully meshed Ethernet Network Service that allows for the sharing of services and user experience across all four offices. All coworking members benefit from an internal Wi-Fi network based on this high-performance network as well as Comcast Business TV services and Business VoiceEdge, a cloud-based voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution.

“As we expand to new locations, it is an easy decision to continue partnering with Comcast Business on creating a thoughtful strategy for providing technology services for our members. As a former start-up, they truly understand the needs of the entrepreneurial community and how to efficiently support and scale growing businesses. We can provide members with an office experience that embraces the ‘work smart, work hard, work long’ mentality. Without the support of Comcast Business, we couldn’t serve our members the way we do,” continued Maher.

Combining the Right People with the Right Infrastructure
“Comcast Business’ services enable coworking spaces to put the right people and right infrastructure together for valuable innovation. Our network-based services help position Benjamin’s Desk for ongoing growth and collaboration with other incubators and coworking communities while ensuring that members have unparalleled access to high-performance internet and phone,” said David Dombroski, vice president for Comcast Business, Freedom Region. “Comcast is committed to growing our relationship with Benjamin’s Desk and providing scalable services that can be quickly implemented at their future locations.”

About Benjamin's Desk
Benjamin's Desk provides physical resources, insightful programming, and a coworking community to help small companies grow. Our state-of-the-art workspaces, conference rooms, and corporate partnerships offer solo entrepreneurs and early stage startups the building blocks to scale in high-density urban business centers.


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