BEVCOMM Connects Gigabit Network in New Prague, MN

BLUE EARTH, MN — BEVCOMM, a telecom company and technology provider, launched unlimited gigabit Internet speeds in New Prague, Minn. The service provides extremely fast Internet at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and 100 times faster than the Internet speed in a typical U. S. household. At $139.95 per month residential households with a fiber to the home connection can connect to incredible speeds, with no data limits.

“As demands and customer expectations for faster speeds increase, we are continually looking for solutions that help meet that demand and keep our community on the cutting edge,” states Exchange Manager Dirk Berger, “Our fiber to the home network in New Prague makes Gig connections possible. Fiber is future proof, a technology that dramatically changes the way users connect with their world. We are excited to offer such amazing speeds at an affordable rate. With a Gig you can do absolutely anything and everything online with virtually no limitation — watch movies, videos, game, chat, shop, telecommute and more; and with many devices all on the same connection.”


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