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CALGARY, AB — Bibliocra, a project created in 2011 by Costa Rica's Ministry of Education to bring technology and a twenty-first century learning experience to its students, engaged Userful to help schools across the country gain essential access to computers and the Internet at an affordable cost. Userful Desktop virtualization solution enables schools to reduce costs when deploying new technology through less hardware, software and electricity requirements. Compared to using a traditional one PC per seat, the Costa Rica Ministry of Education saves 60 percent in costs and deploys more desktops in more schools across the country.

Multiple Computer Stations Powered through One, Central PC
Before the project was deployed, libraries in schools across Costa Rica required updated books and needed to improve technology resources in order to increase access to information research. Teachers struggled to guide students in certain subject areas without any proper technology available at hand. The implementation of Userful Desktop virtualization solution enabled schools to deploy multiple computer stations powered through one, central PC, providing schools with the necessary technology to improve the teaching and learning process.

The project has deployed over 700 desktop stations across 116 schools so far, and is currently deploying more computers to meet the needs of more students in Costa Rica. With access to technology, students learn new skills through online research, play educational games, and can create documents for class. Teachers are also provided with a new outlet to better teach and demonstrate subject areas to students, creating an enhanced learning experience.

Anny González Gairaud, MEP project manager of Bibliocra, emphasized the significance of the project and how valuable it is to the students of Costa Rica. "We want students to have the opportunity to be connected around the world with different places, sites, and portals, so they can obtain information for what they want to do in their classrooms. The students want and need to use technology when they are looking for information for the curriculum." Gairaud also added that the Userful solution provides a safe place for students to use computers freely and allows the teachers to easily guide students to where they need to be on the desktops.


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