Birch Invests in Mercer University's New Innovation Center

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ATLANTA — Birch Communications, a nationwide provider of communications, network and cloud services to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses, announced its partnership with the new Mercer Innovation Center focused on cultivating entrepreneurship in Middle Georgia. Birch is equipping the center with the latest Cloud technology solutions, including its enterprise-class TotalCloud PBX, TotalCloud File Storage, and 1 Gbps Metro-Fiber connection to deliver the highest-speed Internet experience for its members and guests.

"We just rolled out ultra-high-speed Internet service and will be installing best-in-class business media and phone service with enterprise-grade audio quality to deliver the fastest connections and the clearest sound available," said Steve Sigmon, Director of Sales Engineering at Birch. "The Mercer Innovation Center will be a shining star for Middle Georgia and its continued economic growth and Birch's partnership is another great example of how we are leading the way in facilitating innovation through advanced technology."

Discovery of Products and Services that Have Marketplace Potential
Mercer's Innovation Center's goals are to advance the discovery and commercialization of products and services that have marketplace potential to promote job creation and economic development in the region. It was created to inspire a culture of innovation across the area by bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs to attract, cultivate and retain creative talent and to share the knowledge and resources to achieve positive growth. Based in a modern 10,000-square-foot facility, the Center is strategically located in the heart of the Mercer University campus, adjacent to Mercer's School of Engineering, School of Medicine and Willet Science Center.

"We are elated to be a part of such an important project that is helping to fuel entrepreneurship across the state. For many individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations, finding the resources needed to get started can be a challenge, but the University is changing that. Birch is pleased to join Mercer University in kick-starting the success of our future entrepreneurs," said Michelle Ansley, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Birch. "Our company has a twenty-year history in Georgia, and it is great that we have this opportunity to showcase our best products which include not only 1 Gbps Metro-Fiber but also a future installation of our TotalCloud PBX, a feature-rich hosted phone system. We are proud to serve businesses of all sizes, such as these new entrepreneurs, with enterprise-class products."

"Birch has generously agreed to provide us with complete communications and connectivity for our Mercer Innovation Center, and we could not be more excited about this news," said Dr. Susan P. Gilbert, dean of Mercer's Stetson School of Business and Economics.

Mercer University's President, William D. Underwood stated at their press conference that, "Innovation is a primary driver of the U.S. economy and is one of the American attributes that makes our country globally competitive. Much of the growth in our cities over the coming decades will come from within. Jobs are…generated by startups and expansion of existing business[es] and industr[ies]. The Mercer Innovation Center will provide physical space, programming, technology resources and tools, and access to talent that will help people with good ideas turn them into commercially successful businesses that create 21st-century jobs for Middle Georgia."


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