Extending Fiber Internet to Every Inch of Block Island

Fiber network buildout nears completion in remote New Shoreham, RI.

  • Sertex


New Shoreham, RI –In the final days of September, just weeks before the New Harbor Boat Basin Marina closes for the season, Sertex Broadband Solutions construction crews extended underground fiber conduit onto the dock at Block Island’s Great Salt Pond.

The work was completed in preparation for the installation of high-speed fiber internet.

Images show a Sertex crew member attaching fiber conduit along the dock’s bridge deck and girders to the harbormaster’s shack. Construction workers wore flotation equipment and carefully timed installation to ensure safety, considering the weather and tide-related changes in water levels. 

The first municipally-owned fiber network in Rhode Island, BroadbandBI will be operational later this year.

BroadbandBI is just one of several community broadband networks Sertex is helping to bring to fruition. The company is also working with Plainville, CT, and constructing last-mile fiber networks in 17 hill towns in western Massachusetts.


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