Bournemouth To Become a Fiber City, Round 2

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LONDON - Fibrecity Holdings' ambitious plan to make Bournemouth, U.K., a fiber-wired city collapsed last year when the company's fiber-through-the-sewers technology failed to work as promised. Now CityFibre Holdings, a successor company managed by some of the same people, has begun to stabilize and repair the FTTH network in Bournemouth that it acquired in January.

CityFibre managers met with Bournemouth borough council leaders at the end of April to discuss their short- and long-term plans for the network, which it says the council supports. In the short term, according to CEO Greg Mesch, 20,000 homes will be ready to receive services by December. CityFibre will not sell services directly but will provide open access to third-party service providers. The network will deliver symmetrical speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

The longer-term plan for Bournemouth is to start building out new infrastructure in January 2012. CityFibre hopes to pass all homes in the town by mid-2013.


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