Brazil's Life ISP Uses Albis' SceneGate 8083 STBs to Deliver IPTV

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ZÜRICH — Life, a leading provider of Internet, phone, and pay-TV services in Brazil, is using Albis Technologies' SceneGate 8083 set-top boxes (STBs) to power its new IPTV offering in the cities of Garca, Marilia, and Pompeia. Provided by Cianet, a Brazilian system developer and technology supplier, the SceneGate STBs feature an easy-to-use, personalized interface that supports linear TV, VOD, catch-up TV, and interactive advertising, enhancing the entertainment experience for Life subscribers while increasing the operator's revenue streams. Switzerland-based, Albis Technologies is a leading provider of business access and multimedia solutions to the telecommunications industry.

"Launching an IPTV service alongside our existing phone and Internet offerings makes us a triple threat in the marketplace, maximizing our growth and revenue opportunities," said Oswaldo Zanguettin Filho, director of operations at Life. "We chose Albis Technologies' SceneGate set-top boxes because they are flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, allowing us to quickly roll out an IPTV service that delivers crystal-clear 1080p HD display quality."

Compact, Cost-effective Footprint
Life's IPTV service is distributed via FTTH and powered by the Cianet Kingrus platform. Using Albis Technologies' SceneGate 8083 STBs, which feature a compact and cost-effective footprint, Life can deliver high-quality IPTV services to subscribers at competitive prices. The platform is based on an open software-based architecture and supports DLNA-based media sharing, enabling in-home streaming and multiroom environments.

"This release represents a milestone in the country's history, with years of research and development resulting in the successful implementation of the first IPTV operation in Marilia," said Ricardo May, president at Cianet. "We are proud to team up with Life and Albis Technologies on this state-of-the-art television offering."

Poised to Launch Future OTT Offerings
The SceneGate 8083 features a flexible SDK that supports open APIs for integration with native- or browser-based middleware clients and applications. Through open API technology and a unified media framework, it enables seamless integration with IPTV and OTT services, enabling Life to easily launch an OTT offering in the future. By supporting a wide range of accessories, such as wireless dongles, keyboards, and storage devices, the STBs provide end users with the ultimate connected experience. Sophisticated security features guarantee the protection of Life's valuable assets.

"Albis Technologies' set-top boxes enable Life to deliver a more sophisticated and connected television experience than its competitors by supporting advanced features like catch-up TV, interactive advertising, and in-home streaming," said Peter Kopp, head of multimedia solutions at Albis Technologies. "Partnering with Life and Cianet on this project, we are able to bring a superior television experience to viewers in Brazil."


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