Bridge Point Communications Selects ADTRAN Gigabit Services Architecture

  • Bridge Point Communications
HUNTSVILLE, AL — Bridge Point Communications is the latest service provider to join ADTRAN's the Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program. With the ADTRAN Gigabit broadband platform, Bridge Point Communications is providing new connectivity and increasing economic opportunities for businesses in upstate New York. Bridge Point Communications is deploying gigabit services to help businesses in the city of Ticonderoga, NY, support bandwidth intensive applications including streaming video, collaboration tools, and cloud computing.

Looking to address increasing connectivity demands from recent business growth in the area, Bridge Point Communications is proactively expanding its service to Ticonderoga. For new and current businesses in the area, the deployment of Gigabit is streamlining daily operations, allowing companies to provide services to their customers quicker and more efficiently. With Gigabit speeds, hospitals and medical offices now send imaging files faster for quicker diagnosis and treatment. Local architectural firms are also taking advantage of the increased speeds to reduce the time for uploading and downloading of blueprints for customers.

Gigabit Speeds Transform Communities
“Gigabit is a business-altering technology. It’s not only allowed Bridge Point Communications to expand the service area, but has changed how businesses in our communities operate,” said Tony Macey, vice president for Bridge Point Communications. “ADTRAN’s Gigabit broadband platform is giving us access to speeds that are allowing businesses to offer services previously unavailable, and ultimately help transform the community and lives of today’s and tomorrow’s generation.”

“The deployment of Gigabit is continuing to change the lives of communities and businesses across the country. New services are being unveiled, businesses are thriving, and communities are growing,” said Mitch Fleming, vice president, service provider sales, ADTRAN. “ADTRAN solutions are designed with service provider and end-user benefits in mind. We are committed to ensuring that businesses, like Bridge Point Communications’ customers, can enhance their operations and grow the economy in local and surrounding towns.”

ADTRAN’s Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program showcases how innovative technologies are being used in cities, towns and communities across the country to support economic growth and urban development. These communities are using ADTRAN’s Wi-Fi and fiber-based Gigabit broadband and Cloud connectivity solutions to reinvigorate downtown business and residential districts, connect classrooms with other learning centers around the world, and help attract new companies seeking to relocate out of crowded urban centers.


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