Bright House Bringing Gigabit Fiber Communities to Florida

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  • Metro Development Group
TAMPA, FL - Metro Development Group (MDG), a residential community developer, and Bright House Networks, an Internet service provider, announced their plans to build Florida’s first all fiber Gigabit communities, making them one of the fastest and most advanced broadband networks in a Florida residential community. Model homes, with built-in fiber connections, are set to open in the spring of 2014.

“Bright House Networks is pleased to join Metro Development Group in this revolutionary project,” stated Nomi Bergman, president of Bright House Networks. “Bright House Networks has designed a fiber-to-the-home network solution for MDG because of the very specific applications the developer has planned for its communities. We are confident both Bright House and MDG can provide superior products and services now and into the future.”

Metro Development Group is branding its new exclusive offering as ULTRAFi. With ULTRAFi, every new home in a MDG community will be pre-wired and will include advanced home automation and security services. The plans for these distinctive communities feature access to up to 1 Gigabit Wi-Fi services outside the home in areas such as nature trails, clubhouses and playgrounds. In addition, homeowners will have instant access to high-speed symmetric Internet services and consummate entertainment possibilities. The powerful 1,000 Mbps x 1,000 Mbps connection allows users to download ultra high-definition video (including access to the emerging “4K” TV experience), stream applications such as Netflix and Hulu without lag time or buffering, connect flawlessly with family and friends via real-time video conversations, and enable the most advanced interactive gaming functionality in the market.

“Metro Development Group’s ULTRAFi communities will deliver the technology of the future, transforming how communities, businesses, and individuals engage and maneuver throughout their daily lives,” said Greg Singleton, president of Metro Development Group. “Residents of ULTRAFi communities will enjoy unparalleled technology services in 2014 and well beyond.”

Education, Medical Benefits
The dynamic network will also provide additional telecommuting opportunities throughout the communities; all interconnected to regional enterprise resources. With access to affordable and high-capacity online storage in cloud-based data management systems, students and teachers will have expanded access to digital learning programs and virtual classrooms, medical practitioners can offer health care to patients “in their homes,” businesses will have the speeds needed for real time video conferencing and file transfers, and commercial enterprises will enjoy remote access to software and computer resources.

“Bright House Networks builds customized solutions for voice, data, cloud-based and managed services working side-by-side with clients. Our world class technology team offers advanced solutions for large businesses and multi-site organizations based on the applications planned by the client,” said Craig Cowden, Senior Vice President - Network Engineering, Operations and Enterprise Solutions for Bright House Networks. “We were a perfect match for bringing MDG’s plans to life.”

Also representing Metro Development Group, Tom Reiman, president of The Broadband Group, noted, "Bringing together Metro Development Group and Bright House Networks creates a compelling partnership that introduces the most advanced broadband infrastructure that will touch everyone who lives, works, and visits within these communities. Next generation telecommunication networks, incorporated into a community’s core fiber and personality, will transcend time, human experience and creative productivity. Bright House Networks strong local connections, superior customer service, and advanced technical capabilities were the defining factors and qualities that brought these two visionary companies together.”


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