Broadband Forum’s TR-069 Self-Testing Tool Promises Faster Connected Device Certification

QA Cafe’s CDRouter is the first approved tool for the new self-testing program ensuring easier validation of new firmware.

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Fremont, California–Certifying internet-connected devices for the home as compliant with the broadband industry’s most widely deployed management protocol will become quicker and easier thanks to today’s approval of the first TR-069 self-testing tool.

The enablement of self-testing for TR-069 provides operators and vendors with the ability to perform test procedures themselves that would normally be carried out by a qualifying test lab. It also ensures that vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can prove their devices work, which offers providers a benchmark they can use with vendors and their customer integrations. TR-069 enables the remote and safe configuration of network devices, or customer premises equipment (CPE).

“This is a landmark moment for global broadband players across the industry as our first self-certification tool as part of the BBF.069 CPE Certification Program will allow devices to pass certification quicker than ever before,” said Broadband Forum Managing Director Ken Ko. “As vendors and providers seek to introduce products to market cost-effectively, they now have the opportunity to get involved in the program and have the confidence to certify their products seamlessly”.

The first official and approved test tool, for self-testing of the Broadband Forum’s BBF.069 CPE Certification Program, is CDRouter by QA Cafe, which ensures that new firmware can be validated easily. Used by the Broadband Forum Test Labs, CDRouter allows service providers and vendors to perform the rigorous certification tests for pre-certification or regression testing before or during their certification process. The CDRouter test solution has thousands of test cases that deep dive into the core of the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP).

“CDRouter has always been the de-facto standard for TR-069 testing as part of the BBF.069 program. As the first Broadband Forum approved test tool for official self-testing of both TR-069 and its successor, USP/TR-369, it is a true gamechanger for the industry,” said Jason Walls of QA Cafe and Chair of the Broadband Forum Connected Home Council. “We are delighted to help more vendors and providers achieve certification of TR-069, USP, and dual-stack devices, improving the interoperability of a protocol that now services more than a billion installations worldwide.”

TR-069 defines an application layer protocol for remote management of CPE connected to an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Using CWMP, TR-069 provides support functions for auto-configuration, software or firmware image management, software module management, status and performance managements, and diagnostics.


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