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SHANGHAI - As part of its project to make fiber access equipment interoperable - and thus encourage the deployment of next-generation broadband - the Broadband Forum, an industry association, launched BroadbandSuite 5.0 at its quarterly meeting in Shanghai.

This comprehensive fiber resource brings together into one suite the fiber-related work from the Broadband Forum's Fiber Access Networks working group, which works closely with the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) to encourage multivendor interoperability.

This will allow operators and service providers to build fiber networks with confidence in that products from different vendors will conform to industry standards and work together seamlessly. Ultimately this allows operators greater flexibility in product selection and empowers more feature-rich deployments. At the same time, these new specifications provide equipment manufacturers with the means to verify and promote products that meet global standards.

Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum, says, "Fiber rollouts, especially hybrid DSL/PON deployments, are growing faster than ever. We expect to see fiber figures continue to rise in our mid-year report due next week.
BroadbandSuite 5.0 is a major resource for the industry to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of PON, and it paves the way for next-generation fiber technologies, including XG-PON1 and beyond."

Critical to Buildout in China
Speaking on behalf of China Telecom at the Broadband Forum's keynote address, Leping Wei said, "GPON interoperability is critical for mass deployment in the Chinese market, and China is already the largest and fastest-growing market for broadband. The GPON certification will certainly enable us to accelerate the widespread availability of faster broadband. With the Chinese market moving towards an estimated 250 million subscriber lines by 2015 and a household penetration of 50 percent, China Telecom sees GPON and the advent of certified GPON products as an important step in making this a reality."

BroadbandSuite 5.0 encompasses a number of architecture, management and market requirement specifications that include:

TR-142 Framework for TR-069-enabled PON devices (EPON)
TR-155 GPON ONU Requirements for CPE
TR-156 Using GPON Access in the Context of TR-101
TR-167 GPON-fed TR-101 Ethernet Access Node
TR-200 Using EPON in the context of TR-101

It also includes two white papers and a tutorial that provide valuable additional information and background on GPON:

MR-185 White Paper: Next-Generation Broadband Access
MR-229 White Paper: Leveraging Standards for Next-Generation Broadband
Wholesale Access
MR-246 GPON Tutorial

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, two specifications that are in final approval define the test plans for GPON ONU conformance:

WT-247 GPON ONU Abstract Test Plan
OD- 247 GPON ONU Conformance Test Plan


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