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NORTHFIELD, MN  -- A new set of nationwide broadband maps is now available from analytics firm ID Insight. According to the company, these maps enable broadband stimulus grant applicants to cut their proposal preparation time, reduce their vulnerability to challenges and create more accurate statewide broadband maps to support a national broadband strategy. BroadBand Scout from ID Insight reports broadband connectivity and usage down to the census block, also helping broadband service providers open new markets.

BroadBand Scout provides instant access to the data required to successfully apply for grant monies from the broadband stimulus program. This data also allows broadband and wireless carriers to cost-effectively target new areas for service expansion and better research competitors.

Spinoff From Retail Databases

BroadBand Scout was developed by an analytical survey accessing the millions of records in ID Insight’s proprietary databases that were initially assembled to track retail activity. By combining known Internet access information with address-related data, BroadBand Scout allows clients to see connectivity and usage at the most granular level.

“Communities, carriers and states have been starving for this data,” says ID Insight president Adam Elliott. “Understanding current broadband usage by geography is an ongoing need for stimulus applicants as well as for the broadband and wireless carrier community. By creating easy access to extensive data and sophisticated analytics, we see a phenomenal opportunity for service providers and communities to develop a data-driven approach to planning so they gain access to grant monies that may have otherwise been impossible to get.”

One of the biggest frustrations of stimulus grant applicants is compiling the necessary broadband usage data as required by the federal agencies awarding the funds. They are further frustrated by the difficulty in defending proposals from challengers who claim incumbents already cover the areas where applicants plan to provide broadband. With BroadBand Scout, communities and companies are able to accurately identify broadband access and usage when requesting grants from the broadband stimulus program.

ID Insight is partnering with broadband industry expert Craig Settles, president of, to deliver professional services that assist stimulus grant applicants prepare and defend their proposals, and help state broadband mapping teams effectively execute their projects. “The key to effective broadband strategy, both locally and nationally, is to capture accurate connectivity data directly from consumers and businesses,” says Settles. “ID Insight offers an excellent combination of expediency and accuracy that broadband project leaders need.”

In October 2009, the first grant application to receive funding was for statewide broadband mapping projects to support the FCC’s efforts to develop a national broadband strategy. BroadBand Scout enables states to launch their projects faster and execute with greater accuracy to meet the FCC’s requirements. Other stimulus funding awards should be announced in January 2010. There is one additional round of stimulus funding with all funds distributed by September 30, 2010.

ID Insight is currently licensing the data and information to companies, states and communities. The data is available in reports summarized at the state, county, tract, block group or block number levels. Using its patent-pending analytics system, ID Insight can also provide case-by-case consulting services to predict additional high-potential expansion markets. Besides grant applicants, these services are valuable to broadband carriers looking for insights, validation and competitive advantage for their plans to open new markets.


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