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SAN ANTONIO, TX — Two broadband veterans are partnering to help get fiber broadband technology to more consumers. BroadMax Group specializes in consulting fiber broadband companies with strategy, marketing, communications and product technology development. Bruce Forey and Tom Zanoli are joining forces on the venture and offer a combined 25-years industry experience.

BroadMax Group works with broadband companies to expand market share, improve efficiencies and develop technologies that optimize fiber broadband networks. BroadMax Group is committed to sharing its industry insight to help bridge the digital divide wherever it exists. "Tom and I experienced tremendous success developing marketing, communication and product plans that brought broadband access to thousands of residents in the communities we served,” BroadMax Group founder, Bruce Forey, said. “Our mission with BroadMax Group is to leverage our expertise to assist fiber broadband companies accelerate fast internet to underserved families and businesses across America.

COVID-19: A Lasting Paradigm Shift

COVID-19 created a lasting paradigm shift in how we work, learn and live. The remote lifestyle mindset is here to stay. As a result, there will be emerging opportunities for everyone living outside of large cities - if they have fast internet. Working for a company located across the country will be more common; students will have additional options to pursue unique education experiences beyond their communities; through telemedicine, more residents will have access to the best doctors anywhere.

This is a critical time to eliminate the digital divide. BroadMax Group wants to be part of the solution by collaborating with new and existing internet providers to maximize their fiber broadband reach. "A fiber network can offer more than fast connection speeds. We help clients think beyond basic internet tiers with value-added products for the consumer that also generate additional revenue for the company,” said Tom Zanoli, BroadMax Group product technology executive. “Our expertise in developing product and technology solutions will be of great interest to clients interested in doing more with their fiber network asset."


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