BT Openreach Plans February GEA-FTTP Trial

LONDON - BT Openreach announced a technical trial and pilot for its GEA-FTTP 220/20 Mbps product variant. The trial will run the entire month of February 2013 followed by the pilot in March.

The new GEA-FTTP product variant offers downstream speeds of 220Mbps and upstream speeds of 20 Mbps. This product will be available during the technical trial at the below exchange areas, within the current FTTP enabled area.

  • Bradwell Abbey

  • Chester South

  • Exeter

  • York

Once the trial is complete, the pilot will then expand the area for the use of the GEA-FTTP 220/20 Mbps service to the rest of the UK GEA-FTTP enabled footprint.

During both the technical trial and pilot stages Openreach will not charge for the product rental. Any other charges (for example connection, managed install, missed appointments) will continue at the published pricing for GEA-FTTP.

The launch charges for 220/20 Mbps product variant are currently being finalized and will be released closer to the launch date.


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