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BURLINGTON, VT - BTV Gig, an independent initiative to leverage gigabit Internet speeds for the benefit of the community of Burlington, Vermont, has released a comprehensive strategy with tactics for Burlington to leverage this opportunity. The 24-page report features a foreword by Blair Levin, author of the National Broadband Plan.

The report lays out the opportunities available to the community of Burlington with the availability of gigabit-per-second symmetric Internet speeds through Burlington Telecom, its municipally-owned FTTH network. At the moment Burlington is one of only a handful of communities across the United States have access to such high caliber, super-fast connectivity, but as the country's telecommunications infrastructure is expanded and Internet speeds increase, the window will close on this opportunity to leverage this resource for the full benefit of the community.

Gigabit can be leveraged to create and shape Burlington's future in the following ways:

  • Healthcare organizations could use gigbit for telemedicine applications.

  • Game developers could create new experience only possible with super-fast broadband.

  • Cultural institution could use gigabit to provide wider access to their works.

  • Startups could use Burlington as a test bed for discovering how consumers will use the Internet in the future.

  • Government agencies could use gigabit to create new opportunities for citizen engagement.

  • Community media organizations could use gigabit to facilitate a further shift towards participatory media.

  • Colleges and universities could use gigabit to provide broader access to educational opportunities.

  • Filmmakers and videographers could use gigabit for cloud-based video editing, reducing production costs.

To make these opportunities a reality the report calls on the leadership of individuals and organizations within the public, private and non-profit sectors.


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