Building Size Marks Commercial Fiber Disparity

  • Vertical Systems Group

BOSTON, MA — As new deployments of fiber to commercial buildings and data centers continue to grow a substantial disparity exists in fiber availability based on building size according to Vertical Systems Group’s latest ENS Research Program research, which shows that 59.6 percent of medium/large buildings were fiber lit at the end of 2018, as compared to only 9.9 percent of small buildings. All remaining buildings are in the fiber gap, meaning sites without active fiber connectivity. Consequently, this gap extends to 40.4 percent and 90.1 percent of buildings in the medium/large and small segments, respectively.

The medium/large segment is defined to include buildings with twenty or more (20+) employees, and the small buildings segment includes buildings with fewer than twenty (<20) employees. These two segments combined cover the total U.S. business fiber landscape.

As compared to the medium/large base, the small buildings segment has vastly more commercial buildings, a larger number of fiber lit buildings and an expansive fiber gap. Due to the disparities between these two segments, the research analyzes them independently as well as in aggregate for the total U.S. market.



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