C Spire using ADTRAN Gigabit Services to Create "Silicon South"

  • C Spire
HUNTSVILLE, AL — C Spire is leveraging ADTRAN’s broadband platform to transform the Mississippi communities it supports into hubs for investment and economic growth. C Spire fiber to the home is bringing ultra-fast gigabit broadband that is 100 times faster than traditional broadband services to thousands of homes, businesses and schools across the Mississippi portion of its service area. ADTRAN’s Gigabit broadband architecture is enabling C Spire to provide its subscribers with a faster, richer and more vibrant broadband experience that will change the way they connect, work and play with communities and businesses around the world.

ADTRAN is spreading the word about its Gigbit broadband architecture through its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program, which showcases how innovative technologies are being used in cities, towns and communities across the country to support economic growth, urban redevelopment, educational and municipal service support, and innovative residential service delivery. These communities are using ADTRAN’s world-class broadband, Wi-Fi and Cloud service offerings to re-invigorate downtown business and residential districts, connect classrooms with other learning centers around the world, and help attract new companies seeking to relocate out of crowded urban centers. By the end of 2014, ADTRAN’s Gigabit services architecture will have been deployed to enable more than 50 Gigabit communities, quadrupling that number by the end of 2015. With populations ranging from 7,500 to more than one million, it’s clear that no community is too large or too small to realize the transformative benefits of Gigabit services.

Purpose-built Gigabit Architecture
C Spire chose ADTRAN due to its ambitious plans to grow the number of cities, towns and neighborhoods serviced by C Spire Fiber to the Home, which required a solution that would allow them to quickly ramp the initial service and easily scale to meet expected demand. ADTRAN’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband portfolio is a purpose-built Gigabit architecture that delivers the ultra-flexible, high-capacity, deep-fiber solutions that C Spire required for this high-profile project. With ADTRAN’s Advanced Services Architecture to build upon, C Spire is able to deliver a mix of residential, enterprise and mobile backhaul services over a common, next-generation network with advanced service management and forward-looking network automation capabilities.

“Our new C Spire Fiber to the Home service has really captured the imagination of residents, businesses and government officials alike. We are only scratching the surface of what is possible with Gigabit service delivery and believe there are limitless opportunities available to our communities with this type of next-generation technology,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of consumer markets for C Spire. “ADTRAN provided the Gigabit broadband infrastructure we needed to reinvent our network and helped us quickly go-to-market with the new service. This is enabling us to provide the ground work for our communities to build upon as they begin to transform into hubs of technology investment and economic growth.”

As part of its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program ADTRAN is providing a resource site, www.GigCommunities.net, for service providers looking to deploy Gigabit services in the future. The site illustrates how similar communities have developed economic models and established local partnerships as a result of delivering these types of services to business and residential customers.



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