Cable Provider ImOn Selects the Calix Cloud to Deliver Gigabit Services

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PETALUMA, CA — ImOn Communications, an internet, cable TV, and phone services provider in eastern Iowa, will leverage end-to-end fiber solutions from Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, to offer unrivaled gigabit business and residential services in its new service areas. ImOn’s audacious approach to delivering a superior service experience with fiber technology positions the company to stand out in its markets with services that will rival the largest and most forward-thinking operators in the industry. Award-winning systems and software from Calix, including the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, Calix Cloud, and Carrier Class Wi-Fi enabled GigaCenters will help ImOn to seamlessly transition from a traditional cable plant into an agile, always on, software-defined network for both residents and businesses.

“As a local internet, cable TV, and phone operator serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and expanding into surrounding, underserved communities, our mission at ImOn has always centered on providing our customers a superior user experience, delivered through a reliable, state-of-the-art network,” said Patrice Carroll, CEO of ImOn Communications. “As we partner with Calix, leveraging an FTTH infrastructure will lay the foundation for the software-defined, virtualized network of the future. With Calix solutions at the heart of our network, we will be able to deliver to our customers the highest quality of services as we prepare for their future needs.”

Rapid Deployment of Services to Subscribers
Ideally suited for the unique needs of cable operators, Calix PON solutions leap beyond a simple fiber deep architecture to a full, agile FTTH solution. The extraordinary flexibility of the Calix solution for cable operators enables the rapid deployment of services to subscribers that is paramount to ImOn’s ability to successfully compete in the marketplace. Additionally, ImOn’s fiber network will be built on a Calix solution that delivers always-on capabilities, in the future eliminating the need for maintenance windows and providing a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to pivot to a software-defined network without impacting workflows and operations.

“The cable industry is actively transitioning to software-defined, virtualized, and agile networks, which are crucial to rapidly delivering new services and maintaining their competitive edge,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Calix. “Calix PON solutions give cable operators an alternative that is complementary to still viable and capable legacy DOCSIS networks yet opens a path to radical transformation. Every journey begins with a first step, and while cable operators today are realizing that the unparalleled flexibility of Calix fiber and cloud solutions will allow them to seamlessly coexist with their legacy infrastructure today, they are also discovering that these same solutions provide the foundation for a superior go-to-market solution in the future for their entire network.”


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