Cal-Ore Selects Alpha to Power FTTH Network

  • Cal-Ore
  • Calix
VANCOUVER, BC — Cal-Ore has launched a FTTH network powered by Alpha Technologies’ LPS36 Line Power System. The LPS36 supplies the power for the Calix Optical Network Terminations (ONTs) installed at the edge of the Cal-Ore network. Cal-Ore, an independent telephone company serving over 1000 customers in four exchanges in rural California and Oregon, is using both the Calix 711 and 717 ONTs.

Using Embedded Copper Cable to Power ONTs
“Alpha’s line power solution enables us to use our embedded copper cable to power the ONTs,” said Bob Hensley, Cal-Ore General Manager. “Because we are using our CO power plant to energize the remotes, this technique is more reliable than providing local power and batteries for each customer site. And better reliability equates to a better customer experience.”


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