Calix Adds Servify to Revenue EDGE Suites

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SAN JOSE, CA — Calix announced that Servify, a lifecycle device management platform, will be the newest addition to EDGE Suites within the Revenue EDGE solution. Servify provides advanced warranty and protection services for all types of connected devices. This new offering will be integrated with the EXOS platform and the subscriber-facing CommandIQ app, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to offer an unprecedented level of support and peace of mind to their subscribers with device warranty protection. Thanks to the real-time analytics of Calix Cloud and integration with EXOS, CSPs can use subscriber data in Calix Marketing Cloud to identify ideal candidates for the offering. Service providers can also use Calix Support Cloud to assess and validate the device footprint in each subscriber home over time. As a Revenue EDGE Suite, the Servify offering will be pre-integrated and can be easily included in CSPs’ billing processes to create a seamless and profitable revenue stream.

Servify provides after-sales device protection, device exchange, and buyback programs for multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEM) brands. Servify complements the growing portfolio of EDGE Suites, and the new offering will enable CSPs to:

  • Leverage Calix Marketing Cloud to identify prospects based on subscribers’ real-time use of connected home devices while employing mobile notifications to send offers to subscribers with the highest propensity to buy.
  • Leverage Calix Support Cloud and EXOS to assess and validate the inventory of devices in each home that is protected by Servify.
  • Respond quickly to subscribers’ queries related to device claim status through a turnkey claims and repair process provided by Servify (that will not encumber the CSPs support teams).
  • Offer another “sticky,” managed service that provides peace of mind to subscribers, deepening the CSP’s relationships with subscribers and increasing ARPU.
  • Launch the service quickly, with nominal investment, because Servify will be pre-integrated into the Revenue EDGE; the Calix Customer Success team will also help CSP customers utilize the EDGE Enablement program to facilitate a fast launch.

“Households today have an increasing number of smart devices which range from entertainment, home automation, and even security,” said Sreevathsa Prabhakar, founder of Servify. “However, providing coverage for all of them has been a challenge for most service providers. With our expertise in creating products that are both innovative and effective, we’re excited about how this relationship with Calix will set up broadband service providers for success in supporting their subscribers’ connected home-device protection needs.”

The first two EDGE Suites include ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. The addition of Servify will help drive the continued evolution of the EDGE Suites.

“The global smart home market is growing by leaps and bounds,” said Michael Weening, chief operating officer for Calix. “According to Statista, more than 32 percent of households are embracing smart devices today and the market is forecast to grow to more than $150 billion by 2024. This soaring investment in smart devices has created subscriber demand for investment protection via a comprehensive insurance offering. Competitors of Calix-supported CSPs, such as Comcast, are offering device protection to get close to the subscriber. By adding Servify to the EDGE Suites, we enable our CSP customers to offer increased value to their subscribers and win the battle to own the home experience. By engaging subscribers as they adopt new devices and technologies to enhance their lives, CSPs can elevate their brand in the home. We look forward to collaborating with Servify as we continue to help CSPs succeed.”



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