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PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a global provider of gigabit fiber deployments, announced the expansion of its copper solutions portfolio. Among the new innovations are:

  • bonding technology delivering broadband speeds in excess of 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps) over existing copper infrastructure up to approximately 250 meters

  • Interoperability between Calix DPUs and modems and those of other vendors

  • VDSL2 system level vectoring (SLV) solutions on the Calix E7-2 modular access systems that deliver up to 96 vectored ports without the economic and operational burden of a dedicated vectoring control processor card (VCP)

  • New VCPs on the E7-2 modular chassis that can scale from 97 to 384 vectored VDSL2 ports to flexibly serve more dense deployment scenarios

With these innovations, Calix has set new standards for performance over existing service provider copper infrastructure, and is leading the way in bringing to market the breadth of solutions necessary to meet the emerging demands of copper-fed broadband consumers globally.

Optimally Leveraging Copper Infrastructure
"It is critical for service providers like Windstream to be on the forefront of technologies that will allow us to leverage our existing infrastructure to meet ever increasing subscriber service demands," said Randy Nicklas, executive vice president of engineering and CTO at Windstream. "Optimally leveraging our copper infrastructure is essential to our strategy going forward, and we are excited by the innovations that are allowing us to leverage our strategic copper assets to both stay ahead of demand and our competition. We've seen these technologies in action, and these innovations are leading the way in helping us to deliver a world-class subscriber experience effectively and efficiently, independent of the media type over which they are served."

Calix solutions include:

  • E3-16F — 16-port DPU sealed, environmentally hardened; supports gigabit passive optical network (GPON) and point-to-point Ethernet technologies

  • E5-216F — 16-port MDU node for controlled environments; supports GPON and point-to-point Ethernet technologies

  • Three new premises service delivery products: 844F GigaCenter terminates and delivers a managed gigabit experience both hard-wired and over Carrier Class Wi-Fi; 801F and 801FB GigaPoints are network demarcation devices that terminate and bonded respectively

  • Calix Compass — multivendor cloud software for end-to-end visibility of the broadband experience from the cloud down to the subscribers' device enabling new levels of control that dramatically reduces truck rolls, lowers operating costs, and increases service velocity through faster service turn-ups.

New Calix System Level Vectoring solutions for the modular E7-2 include:

  • VDSL2-48C — 48 port combo voice and data card

  • VDSL2-48D — 48 port data only card

  • VDSL2-48 — 48 port overlay card

  • VDSL2-192 VCP — vector control processor to vector 192 VDSL2 ports

  • VDSL2-384 VCP — vector control processor to vector 384 VDSL2 ports

Calix SLV on the E7-2 leverages the modularity and flexibility of the chassis to support more subscribers in a CAPEX efficient "pay-as-your-grow" type model. The new cards also support eight-pair bonding for copper business services and copper transport for fiber challenged locations.



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