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AUSTIN, TX — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced a new service offering to help service providers take advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities of the Calix Cloud and Mesh Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi. With the introduction of Calix 804Mesh satellites, the fastest ramping premises solution ever introduced by Calix, hundreds of service providers are enhancing their offerings to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout homes and buildings, into outdoor spaces, and beyond. Today, subscribers are prioritizing intelligent, well-managed Wi-Fi over wired connectivity and Calix solutions are launching at a record pace to meet the insatiable consumer demand.

A Managed Wi-Fi Solution
With consumer-grade Wi-Fi home solutions being sold by online and chain retailers at an accelerating rate, service providers that do not offer a fully managed Wi-Fi whole home solution are not only increasing their risk of subscriber churn, but missing out on a significant potential revenue opportunity. In effect, they become an “invisible” brand in the home, hidden behind the consumer Wi-Fi brands that are aggressively addressing customers' needs. Calix understands the tremendous opportunity to drive higher ARPU and reduce churn by offering a managed Wi-Fi solution. To help service providers take advantage of this growing opportunity, Calix is introducing the Whole Home Wi-Fi Enablement Service.

With the broad and rapid adoption of these capabilities, Calix service provider customers have already realized success deploying new Managed, Whole Home Wi-Fi services in a wide variety of deployment scenarios, including:

Hart Telephone has improved the Wi-Fi experience of one its largest enterprise customers through the deployment of 804Mesh satellites. By placing 804Mesh units within a hard-to-cover warehouse environment, this customer now has complete coverage of a 20,000 square-foot area, allowing employees to maintain seamless connectivity as they move through the location.

CL Tel has experienced an impressive subscriber response to their managed Wi-Fi offerings based on Calix Support Cloud and GigaCenters. Their premium package, which drives additional revenues, includes 24x7 tech support and an 804Mesh satellite unit when deployment scenarios require it. CL Tel reports that subscribers are thrilled with the results as their experience improves across their homes with the extended Wi-Fi coverage.

All West Communications, whose service area includes destination resort communities such as Park City and Deer Valley, is driving business growth through the powerful combination of Calix Cloud and Mesh Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi. Their Managed Wi-Fi offering has seen great success, and they look forward to further enhancing revenues and the customer experience by allowing subscribers to leverage the simple, self-install capabilities of the 804Mesh units to ensure coverage throughout their homes.

“Since launching a Managed Wi-Fi offering with the Calix GigaCenters, we have seen a tremendous response from our subscribers, who rely on Wi-Fi as their connection method of choice within their homes,” said Bridget Watkins, vice president of marketing and sales at All West Communications. “With the success we have enjoyed with the new Mesh capabilities from Calix, we are looking forward to launching another marketing campaign this spring around Managed, Whole Home Wi-Fi.  We will use Calix Marketing Cloud to assist in optimizing our campaign segmentation to reach the subscribers who are best suited for the service. As new Managed Wi-Fi subscribers come on board, we will leverage Calix Support Cloud to enhance their experience through proactive network and device management further."

Service Provider Must-Haves
As Managed Wi-Fi and Whole Home Wi-Fi become “must-have” offerings for all service providers, the Calix Services team is responding to ensure that all customers can meet the expected demand. With the introduction of new Whole Home Wi-Fi Enablement Services, Calix will partner with customers to ensure complete service readiness - from an initial network assessment, which covers the central office through the back office and into the subscriber premises, to optimization recommendations and implementation services. Whole Home Wi-Fi Enablement Services are available for service providers of all sizes to fast track their entrance into the Managed Wi-Fi market.

“Traditionally, service providers have looked at the home as a sunk capital cost – in the form of a one-size-fits-all, unintelligent residential gateway. As a result, subscribers have been forced to flee to the local electronics retailer to purchase a Wi-Fi system that meets their needs. Calix is helping service providers change that paradigm through a number of innovative introductions,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Calix. “We expanded the carrier class GigaFamily with the 804Mesh to extend Wi-Fi throughout a subscriber’s home. With Calix Support Cloud, service providers can remotely manage the home Wi-Fi network and, through recently announced self-healing capabilities, begin autonomously managing the home environment. The next step in our journey of enabling customer success is the Calix Services team offering solutions that help our customers speed time to market. The Calix Whole Home Wi-Fi Enablement Service is the first of these solutions. Each of these offerings signals our belief that this consumer demand represents a can’t-miss opportunity for our customers to add subscribers, grow ARPU, and reduce churn.”


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