Calix Announces Operations Cloud to Simplify Network Operations and Service Delivery

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SAN JOSE, CA — Calix announced Calix Operations Cloud (CCO), a new offering in Calix Cloud that enables communications service providers (CSPs) to simplify workflows and manage subscriber services. This newest addition to Calix Cloud will be built for operations professionals who are grappling with an explosion of complexity across their networks due to the proliferation of new applications and devices in the subscriber home. Calix Operations Cloud will offer a unified operations dashboard that will allow network operations teams to harness data, leverage predictive analytics, and implement automation to accelerate decision-making and delight subscribers. Calix Operations Cloud will begin a phased rollout in the first half of 2021.

Calix Cloud delivers real-time insights via role-based dashboards that help professionals in marketing and customer experience act with speed and efficiency. Calix Operations Cloud will solve the unique challenges faced by operations professionals, who must continually react to changes in bandwidth usage, network health, and subscriber demand. Because CCO is built on experience that Calix has gained from building and deploying Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud, CSPs will be able to rapidly incorporate new insights into their operational processes.

Calix Operations Cloud will provide three key benefits.

  • Insights: The integration of data from a variety of sources to provide a deep understanding of access network and subscriber premises status and health.
  • Predictions: Recommendations based on patterns of past behavior that identify potential outcomes before they happen.
  • Automation: The use of computer algorithms to eliminate the need for human intervention in repetitive operational tasks.

Calix Operations Cloud will reduce the cost and complexity of monitoring operations. Minnesota-based Arvig leveraged Calix Cloud to realize the benefits of insights, data, and automation to increase its first call resolution by 72 percent. Arvig expects to realize similar benefits from CCO.

"Calix recognizes the immense value of not only pulling a lot of data together, but also presenting the right insights, for the right persona, in the right format," said John Ketelhut, manager of technical operations for Arvig. "We are very excited by the potential of Calix Operations Cloud to provide a single-pane view of our network and support operations. It appears to be a solution that will cut down the time we spend on different tools. The recommendations and automated workflows will make us a lot more efficient and proactive."

Calix is committed to providing role-based solutions that allow professionals in a variety of roles at CSPs to lead the transformation of their functions, companies, and our industry.

"This new solution will be a dream come true for innovators like Arvig, by allowing them to leverage automation and analytics to proactively address operational issues, seven days a week," said Shane Eleniak, SVP of Revenue EDGE products for Calix. "With an end-to-end view of network status and health, operations professionals will be able to use data in CCO to identify usage trends, quickly spot high-bit error rates, flag security issues, and provision new systems and services that are ‘plug and play.’ Calix Operations Cloud will provide every CSP with the right data and automation capabilities to reduce the time required to solve subscriber and network issues. As a result, CSPs can focus on growing their businesses by adding new subscribers and quickly turning up new services."



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