Calix' AXOS Brings NG-PON2 to its E7-2 Platform

ORLANDO, FL — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced that NG-PON2 is now available on the AXOS E-72 plaform in North America.

This enhancement allows over 1000 service providers who have deployed E7-2 to transform their systems into AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular Systems and take advantage of the fast, always on, simple, and secure capabilities of AXOS. The addition of next generation PON support enables Calix customers to deliver a 10 Gbps symmetrical experience to their subscribers when deploying business, residential, and mobile backhaul services, with the flexibility to expand up to 40 Gbps with NG-PON2 wavelength channel bonding.

For service providers who have yet to deploy the AXOS platform, the AXOS E7-2 has the ability to support anyPON and anyPHY, and to seamlessly integrate with anySDN, making this the perfect time to introduce the power of AXOS into their network and drive down operational costs, speed time-to-market, and ensure a future-proofed network.

The AXOS eSeries
The AXOS E7-2 now joins a rapidly expanding family of AXOS eSeries systems capable of supporting both centralized and decentralized network architectures – from the data center edge, central office, or headend, to the remote cabinet, or MDU. The pace of Calix innovation that brings next generation PON to the E7-2 is made possible by the unique way that AXOS was engineered. While others in the access industry chose to hide the complexity of their outdated access boxes behind complex, functionally limited, slow-to-deploy, and difficult to maintain middleware platforms, Calix chose the strategic path, investing the last six years building AXOS from the ground up. AXOS, the world’s only SDA, is a software platform totally unencumbered by legacy thinking that has now set a new standard for rapid innovation, operational excellence, and puts service providers who deploy it on a new path to sustainable success. With AXOS the software is abstracted from the underlying hardware and silicon, componentized, and layered, as evidenced by the unique ability to run AXOS systems virtualized on x86 off-the-shelf servers with AXOS Sandbox. By re-using hundreds of existing components on the platform, each new feature, capability, and breakthrough technology addition to AXOS comes faster and easier.


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