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PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced its Calix Compass cloud services are driving business transformation at over 400 service providers around the world. The first company to securely harness the power of the cloud for access networks over five years ago, Calix continues to expand Compass as it enters its second generation. Compass cloud services deliver value to both service providers and subscribers, reaching far beyond the network and making the most of analytics applied to network data to solve business problems and bring service providers unprecedented cost savings and valuable investment insights, while uncovering new revenue growth opportunities and enabling an unmatched subscriber experience.

Compass cloud services supply actionable insights to different roles across the service provider's organization — from customer service and network operations to marketing and network planning — which combine to give a complete view of the network, its traffic, and the subscriber experience. Armed with this information, Calix customers are making dramatic improvements in the quality of their business metrics and performance, and combining Compass cloud services with Calix AXOS E-Series systems to make Software Defined Access, the realization of SDN principles applied to the access network, a reality.

Efficiently Provision, Activate and Troubleshoot Services

"We see cloud applications as a key element to our future success as we rapidly expand our service offering," said Candy Riem, vice president of marketing at Midwest Energy Cooperative. "Compass cloud services have already made a major impact in our operations effectiveness, as our technicians use combinations of these applications in the field to more quickly provision, activate, and troubleshoot services. Our customer service representatives use Compass in our call center to improve customer care and subscriber experience, while my marketing team uses Compass to identify opportunities for service upselling. Compass services are arming us to become the 'Utility of the Future,' and we are looking forward to the business transformation opportunities that the Compass cloud will provide us in the future."

Examples of other service providers who have achieved specific business benefits by leveraging Compass cloud services include:

  • Over $1 million in top line revenue per year achieved through data driven marketing — Ben Lomand Connect utilized Compass Flow Analyze Plus to develop a targeted marketing campaign to encourage subscribers with usage patterns corresponding to higher broadband service tiers to upgrade, resulting in a 90 percent take rate and 49 percent increase in ARPU among those targeted.

  • 60 percent upgrade rate through targeted marketing — Nemont Telephone Cooperative leveraged Compass Flow Analyze Plus to market directly to high-target subscribers, resulting in a successful and focused campaign with higher subscriber satisfaction and lower support costs.

  • 47 percent increase in ARPU per targeted subscriber per month through data driven marketing — NCTC has seen a doubling in their marketing campaign effectiveness by taking advantage of Flow Analyze Plus and Calix Navigate dashboards to identify and upsell potential upgrade targets and improve upsold subscriber experience.

"Calix is the cloud services pioneer in the access space. In 2011, before SDN and the power of analytics were fully understood, Compass came to the market with a disruptive vision to transform the subscriber experience, increase revenue growth and enable intelligent data driven investment decisions for service providers through a cloud-based framework that leveraged network data and analytics," said Miguel Alonso, vice president of cloud services at Calix. "As the access innovator, we have evolved and extended the breadth and depth of our portfolio over the past five years, and our vision has remained true with new capabilities and applications combining in powerful ways to address the unique challenges of our customers across their business functions. While some in the access market are only now beginning to discover the cloud, Calix Compass cloud services are entering their second generation and continue to give our customers the tools to disrupt their markets, transform their businesses and win."


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