Calix Complements E7 Platforms With New Family of Indoor ONTs

  • Calix
AMSTERDAM - Calix announced the integration of the Calix T-Series family of GPON optical network terminals (ONTs) with its E7 Ethernet Service Access Platforms (ESAPs), bringing a variety of new indoor options to the industry's broadest fiber access portfolio. Already widely deployed at major service providers throughout the world as a complement to the BLM 1500 GPON Access Terminal (GAT), the T-Series ONT family dramatically expands the Home Gateway Unit (HGU) solutions available for global ETSI E7 deployments. This integration also allows service providers to seamlessly complement their existing BLM 1500 GAT deployments with flexible E7 ESAP solutions, including the modular E7-2 and multi-terabit E7-20, while maintaining their current operational models built around T-Series ONTs.

The T-Series family of ONTs offers a wide range of GPON-enabled services for residential environments, from basic high-speed data services to advanced VOIP and IPTV. The combination of the T-Series with the P-Series premises portfolio gives service providers the flexibility to match form with function in virtually any residential, business, or mixed-use deployment scenario - optimizing CAPEX and OPEX efficiency while introducing new potential revenue streams - and deliver those services over one unified access network.

The T-Series HGU ONTs combine single family unit (SFU) functionality with advanced residential gateway features, delivering a high performance home network experience. The T-Series ONTs are equipped with a number of valuable features, including:

  • A range of models from a single Gigabit ONT to HGU models with multiple gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports and POTS ports supporting VOIP

  • Support for both IPTV and RF video deployments

  • T073G and T077G models provide a standards-based, single-band Wi-Fi interface, operating in the "b," "g," or "n" mode

  • GE port configuration options such as VLAN per port or for bridged port functionality, which delivers a proven solution for retail fiber providers as well as open access providers

  • Industry standards adherence, with the solution set designed to meet Broadband Forum TR-247 for GPON ONT interoperability


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