Calix Enhances Calix Support Cloud with New Data Visualization Capabilities

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SAN JOSE, CA – Calix, a provider of cloud and software platforms, systems, and services, announced a new visual reporting dashboard within EDGE Insights that enables communications service provider (CSP) support teams to easily view and analyze data related to customer-care operations and address issues with maximum efficiency. By providing an immediate, concise view into critical network issues and the subscriber experience, this new Calix Support Cloud capability gives customer support representatives (CSRs) insights that help them troubleshoot proactively, reduce unnecessary truck rolls and other support costs, and increase subscriber value.

This Revenue EDGE upgrade also adds new optional security measures for onboarding GigaSpire BLAST systems through the CommandIQ mobile app and includes the ability to activate EDGE Suites via a simple API. These enhancements make everyday customer support operations more efficient, saving time and money on every new subscriber turn up.

“We’re already seeing value in call-outcome tracking with Calix Support Cloud — it has helped us in a number of ways,” said Kristy Rhodes, supervisor for Wyoming-based Union Wireless. “First, we’ve identified that 30 percent of our truck rolls are avoidable. The improvements have also helped us track the types of inbound trouble calls we receive, so we can build a business case for rolling out the Calix subscriber self-help app, CommandIQ. Call-outcome tracking has always been the first stage in gaining additional insights into our business management processes, and now with the new dashboards as step two, the improvement is going to be amazing. We’re very excited to have this new reporting dashboard built into the solution. It’s going to make it much easier to analyze trends quickly and identify more opportunities to improve our operations.”

This Calix Support Cloud update includes:

  • Dashboard View for Reports: New, easily accessible data visualization of reports along with customization options (CSRs can parse the data any way they prefer)
  • Optional Security Enhancements: Secure onboarding for GigaSpire BLAST system, set up through CommandIQ
  • API & Administrative Enhancements: New API provides seamless activation of EDGE Suites, eliminating “swivel chair management” across multiple displays


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