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SAN JOSE, CA —  Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems and software, announced its latest enhancement to the Revenue EDGE solution which includes the launch of event-driven Mobile Notifications, an automated, cost-effective, direct to subscriber channel for marketers through Calix Marketing Cloud and the CommandIQ app. Mobile Notifications are the latest addition to a comprehensive go to market solution that covers everything from segmentation through enablement—including customizable, market-ready creative assets. As communications service providers (CSPs) work through the COVID-19 pandemic toward the new normal, they must be extremely resource-conscious in responding to increased subscriber demand.

“Calix provides critical resources that enable us to scale our marketing efforts, and the new Mobile Notifications will add a cost-effective method for reaching our subscribers immediately,” said Wendy Crenner, marketing manager for Kansas-based SCTelcom. “The content their network of partners provides has saved us weeks and enabled us to be strategic with where we invest our resources. As great as the marketing tools and solutions are, it is the partnership we have formed with the Calix team that has really made our success possible. Calix has helped us establish our brand in the marketplace and reinforce it with our subscribers.”

Additional Enhancements to Revenue EDGE

In addition to Mobile Notifications, this Revenue EDGE release also includes numerous capabilities and assets to help marketers send subscribers the right messages at the right times. For example, new intelligence in Calix Marketing Cloud enables CSPs to identify subscribers setting up basic parental control profiles and send them tailored offers for ExperienceIQ services.

The EDGE Enablement program has also updated the go to market materials to enable CSPs to filter their searches by campaign theme, solution component, media type, or audience segment. This marketing hub offers multiple media types for each campaign, creating easy-to-deploy, omnichannel marketing plans that can be tailored to CSP brands. It also includes more than 350+ ad sets and features license-free photography—eliminating the need to purchase stock images and significantly speeding time to market. Calix Customer Success Services further accelerates campaign deployment, providing guidance and proven best practices on effective execution.

“Digital marketing can be extremely noisy, making it difficult to reach a subscriber, but with CommandIQ and Calix Marketing Cloud, the CSP is uniquely positioned to cut through that noise,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of global operations for Calix. “Whether the message is a report of the viruses ProtectIQ prevented from infecting the home network, a service notice regarding the COVID-19 crisis, or a bandwidth upgrade offer to a subscriber constantly running speed tests, CSPs can leverage mobile messages to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience. Our Customer Success teams and EDGE Enablement program are gaining wide industry recognition as, for the third straight time, the BMMA has recognized this as the most complete solution helping CSPs establish and reinforce their brands.”


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