Calix Expands Compliance and Testing Support for CAF II Recipients

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SAN JOSE, CA — Calix announced new updates in Calix Support Cloud related to regulatory compliance of broadband performance testing for CAF II recipients. Bolstering a longstanding commitment to providing comprehensive support to communications service providers (CSP), Calix has developed a dynamic broadband performance testing solution to ensure CSPs can easily stay on top of funding-related deadlines and avoid potential penalties.

“I have worked with the Calix team for years as they developed leading-edge products to help ensure their customers fully comply with FCC universal service support program obligations,” said Thomas Cohen, partner for Kelley Drye & Warren LLP. “Most recently, I supported the Calix team as it developed critical tools that enable communications service providers to provide the FCC with timely and reliable performance data to demonstrate that they are living up to their obligations to serve rural communities. Even apart from FCC requirements, as the industry sees massive demand for bandwidth-intensive services such as working remotely, telehealth, and distance learning, Calix tools will allow service providers to demonstrate that they are delivering the performance that their subscribers expect. Moreover, with the latest enhancements, Calix is providing a more robust and flexible set of network performance software tools and services that will give providers greater capabilities to supply data the FCC requires and their customers can access.”

This quarterly release includes the following updates:

  • Enhanced Test Reporting: Calix Support Cloud updates provide the ability to quickly identify FCC-compliant Ookla servers, including support for primary and secondary server selection (provided the CSP meets FCC test path requirements, CPE to Server), and record results for every test attempt in a new, visually appealing report format
  • Increased Testing Flexibility: Calix EXOS updates include testing and reporting capabilities that meet the latest FCC requirements, meaning tests can be run on any GigaSpire BLAST or GigaCenter system as well as on all TR-181 or TR-089 certified third-party systems

“The Calix solution for broadband performance testing is built on the power of software, so we can easily adapt as regulatory requirements change,” said Skip Hirvela, vice president of sales for Calix. “We are working actively with CAF II recipients right now, but as the digital divide continues to be a point of emphasis among regulators, we look forward to assisting recipients of RDOF, ReConnect, and other of federal- and state-level funding meet obligations as those requirements become clearer. Calix handles the details of tracking regulations and ensuring testing compliance, so our customers are free to focus their resources on their primary mission of delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.”

For more information on Calix broadband performance testing capabilities, view our webinar, “FCC Performance Testing is around the corner. Make sure you're ready.”




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