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SAN JOSE, CA —  Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems and software, announced two EDGE system product launches: GigaSpire BLAST u6.1 and 6.2, and GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m

The GigaSpire BLAST u6.1 and u6.2

The GigaSpire BLAST u6.1 and u6.2, second generation Wi-Fi 6 systems that enable communications service providers (CSPs) of all sizes to expand their subscriber experience offerings and lead their market with the Revenue EDGE solution. Marketing, support, operations, field technicians, and compliance teams can successfully launch the new BLAST systems, which serve as digital storefronts in weeks thanks to the integrated capabilities of the EXOS platform.

Calix was first to market with carrier-class Wi-Fi 6 in 2018 and has spent 18 months expanding use cases and platform functionality so that CSPs can elevate their Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi 6 experience. Now with the BLAST u6, subscribers never feel the need to venture to a big box store for a Wi-Fi router again.

The GigaSpire BLAST u6 systems provide:

  • Ultimate Speed: The u6.1 has a 1 Gbps WAN and the u6.2 has a 2.5 Gbps WAN, with both systems leveraging the latest Wi-Fi 6 chipset to deliver industry leading Wi-Fi speed. The two systems give CSPs the ability to meet different price points while matching capabilities to available WAN speed.
  • Ultimate Service Life and Expandability: Serves the rapidly growing demand for Wi-Fi 6 with carrier class, industrial design which can extend service life to more than six years while offering the ability to expand with additional systems via the BLAST Intelligent Mesh, thereby maximizing CSPs’—and subscribers’—return on investment.
  • US RDOF Compliance: Includes two POTS ports, UPS management, and a robust SpeedTest solution built to support RDOF compliance based on the Calix Professional Services team’s experience with CAF programs.
  • Your Subscriber. Your Data. Your Brand: The BLAST u6 is delivered on a platform that makes it clear – it is the CSP’s brand that matters most. Calix does not demand our brand is used in the messaging, and the CSP maintains ownership of its subscriber data.

“Wi-Fi 6 has been in our roadmap, and with the BLAST u6, Calix has enabled our business to go beyond the high-end subscriber,” said Kerry Alvey, chief operating officer for Utah-based South Central Communications. “Calix has always been forward thinking with its service provider-exclusive solutions. These fully managed cutting-edge systems are quick to launch as they run on a single integrated platform and allow us to offer the Revenue EDGE to our entire subscriber base. They continue to be the only Wi-Fi 6 systems with the end-to-end visibility to gather subscriber insights for our marketing and support teams, enabling us to deliver unparalleled experiences in our market. Our data is ours, our subscriber is delighted, and our decade long relationship with Calix has proven that they put our success first.”

Calix continuously enhances the Revenue EDGE solution, expanding the digital storefronts that operate on all BLAST systems via the EDGE SuitesProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. Thanks to the power of the EXOS platform, these will continue to add revenue generating solutions from Calix ecosystem partners such as SmartThings.  

GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m

The company also announced the next enhancement to the Revenue EDGE solution with the introduction of the GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m. The u4 will operate as the subscriber’s primary gateway, with the flexibility to operate as a mesh satellite for another BLAST system via the BLAST Intelligent Mesh. The u4m will operate exclusively as a Wi-Fi 6 mesh satellite. These new EDGE Systems will address communications service providers’ (CSPs) desire to remain front and center with subscribers by blending consumer industrial design, the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, and carrier class reliability.

Previously, CSPs had to rely on consumer Wi-Fi products to offer the latest technology that could be displayed proudly in the family room, but offering those products meant CSPs were ceding the home to a consumer brand. This also leaves them without the tools they need to deliver a great Wi-Fi experience.

These new BLAST systems completely shift the paradigm by delivering: 

  • Consumer Cool Design: The BLAST u4 and u4m feature a sleek tabletop design that will stand up well against any consumer Wi-Fi competitor and put the CSP’s brand front and center in the home.
  • Practical Mesh for Everyday Living: The BLAST u4 allows for optimal placement in a room, unlike typical mesh units that are limited to the height of power outlets, hampering Wi-Fi performance by being placed too low to the ground.
  • Carrier Class Ultimate Experiences: Integrating seamlessly into the unifying Revenue EDGE solution, CSPs will be able to launch the new system in only a few weeks as the support, marketing, field, and network operations teams will use the same operating procedures and insights to delight their subscribers.
  • Two LAN Ports: The BLAST u4 also includes a second LAN port, which is critical for subscribers with devices that still require Ethernet connectivity and for CSPs offering IPTV services with hard-wired set top boxes.
  • More Possibilities for Ultimate Experiences: The sleek form factor will allow service providers to cost effectively deliver Wi-Fi 6 to apartments, small residences or scale up through a multi-unit mesh for the subscriber who is focused on aesthetics.

“We have looked at consumer products and they have never been good enough for our subscribers,” said Gary Johnson, CEO and general manager for Minnesota-based Paul Bunyan Communications. “They want to own our subscribers’ data, put their brand first, and offer no support tools. Those are compromises we are not willing to make. That is why we have been with Calix since the launch of the Revenue EDGE. Earlier GigaSpire BLAST models allowed us to be the first to offer Wi-Fi 6 in our market, and the u4 systems will allow us to offer a fantastic consumer look and feel that will look and perform great on a bookshelf or a kitchen counter. We look forward to providing them that choice while ensuring that we can manage their services, offer great solutions, and deliver on the promise of GigaZone.”

The BLAST u4 is delivered on the Revenue EDGE platform which always puts the CSP ‘s brand first. Calix does not demand that our brand is used in the messaging, and the CSP maintains ownership of subscriber data.

“The GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m will be an absolute game changer for our customers who want to offer their subscribers cool consumer looking Wi-Fi 6 systems without sacrificing performance or their ability to manage the system, all while protecting their ability to add new revenue generating services in the future,” said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president of Revenue EDGE products for Calix. “When you couple this announcement with Calix’s investments in Customer Success and our unique EDGE Enablement program, there is no better time to partner with Calix and win the hearts and minds of the subscriber with the ultimate experience.”

Visit us online for more information on the Revenue EDGE solution and new EDGE Systems from Calix. 




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