Calix Honors Three Innovation Award Winners at User Group Conference

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LAS VEGAS, NV — Calix, a provider of broadband communications access systems, announced three service providers were honored with the 2016 Calix Innovation Awards last week at the Calix User Group Conference in Las Vegas. Given to Calix service provider customers that best demonstrate how cutting-edge Software Defined Access solutions and Calix Cloud services have transformed their businesses and networks to disrupt and win in their markets, the Calix Innovation Awards are a highlight of the annual event.

The 2016 Calix Innovation Award Winners are:

CenturyLink — CenturyLin ON is revolutionizing the delivery of MDU services in several of CenturyLink's major markets across the country. By pre-wiring each living unit and installing Calix GigaCenters, each MDU resident can purchase and instantly connect to broadband services, eliminating the need for equipment installation. This innovative approach has found success with residents and property owners alike spurring CenturyLink to expand the CenturyLink ON platform to new cities and single-family residences in the future.

Midwest Energy Cooperative — In southwest Michigan, Midwest Energy Cooperative is leading the way to broadband connectivity among electric cooperatives after a successful pilot has led to a widespread fiber network build, eventually making broadband available to all 36,000 members. The Calix Cloud has been instrumental in this project as Midwest Energy is using the service across its marketing, support, and operations teams to simplify their internal processes and unlock data analytics for targeted marketing outreach. The results have been impressive with thousands of subscribers receiving service within the first two years and pre-registrations for new fiber zones growing rapidly.

702 Communications — With a booming population in the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area of eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, 702 Communications is also booming with a focus on residential and business MDU locations to differentiate among numerous local service providers. Through the power of Calix AXOS solutions, including bonded capable 801FB GigaPoints, 702 Communications is bringing the gigabit experience to subscribers over copper in some of the area's oldest and most historic buildings. By leveraging Calix AXOS and the Activate cloud, 702 Communications has accelerated their time to market and distanced themselves from the competition.

"The AXOS solutions from Calix have proven to be a game changer for us, as they provide our small and agile team with cutting-edge technology while at the same time being easy to implement and fast to deploy," said Jim Walter, President and CEO of 702 Communications. "As an overbuilder in a fast-growing market, it is critical that we are more nimble and deliver a superior service experience relative to our competition. Calix has given 702 Communications a true advantage, and we have run with it, resulting in one of North America's most advanced deployments and delighted subscribers. We are honored to be recognized with this global award from Calix, and proud to be a pioneer that is leading the entire industry forward."

2016 Calix User Group Conference Showcases the AXOS E9-2 and Calix Cloud Innovations
The 2016 Calix User Group Conference welcomed the attendees with two additions to the Calix portfolio. First, the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System debuted, transforming the access service edge with integrated layer 3 routing and service disaggregation, while providing service providers a clear path to NG-PON2. In addition, Calix Cloud was introduced — the second generation cloud service for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance. Calix Cloud is built on the experience gleaned from the over 400 services providers globally who have deployed Compass cloud products. Comprised of five role-based subscription services, Calix Cloud allows service providers to rapidly discover new service opportunities, simplify service delivery, and elevate their business to new levels of success.


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