Calix Introduces Indoor ONT With RF Video Capability

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DALLAS - Calix announced the availability of the 726GE-I indoor optical network terminal (ONT), the latest addition to its advanced, comprehensive portfolio of ONTs. The 726GE-I brings RF video to Calix indoor ONTs, giving communications service providers the flexibility to leverage RF headends when they deliver advanced fiber access services. Already North America's most widely deployed fiber access solution, the Calix portfolio continues to gain deployment momentum around the globe, recently passing the 1 million subscriber milestone.

As service providers extend fiber access networks into subscribers' homes, Calix indoor ONTs, including the new 726GE-I, provide the ability to deliver video, voice, and ultra-high speed data services of up to one Gbps. They also provide a path to new revenue streams and the ability to lower the cost of supporting in-home networks. Like all models in the 700GE ONT family, the 726GE-I has the ability to support, through an upcoming software release, home gateway functionality through a simple download.

Combined with the power of Calix's recently announced Compass Consumer Connect application, the 726GE-I's combination of features allows service providers to reduce the cost of deploying and managing fiber access networks, as well as the opportunity to launch new services around virtual management of the home network.

"In Australia, we have historically deployed outdoor ONTs with RF video," said Mike Thomas, national operations manager at Optical Solutions Australia, a leading Calix solutions partner. "We face a variety of temperature extremes from the tropics of the north to the outback deserts in Western Australia. With the introduction of the 726GE-I ONTs with RF video, we now have the ability to enhance our triple-play fiber solutions by bringing the fiber access network in to the conditioned environment of the home and opening up a wide array of new opportunities in the business and residential markets."


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