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Service providers can excite their subscribers, simplify their businesses, and grow their value by delivering an expanded portfolio of revenue-generating services through a mobile experience that puts their brand first.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.-- Calix launched a top-to-bottom overhaul of the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the CommandIQ® mobile app. Mobile applications are rapidly becoming an indispensable channel for communications service providers (CSPs) to build deep and continuous relationships with their subscribers while seamlessly delivering new Wi-Fi 6-powered experiences and services. Calix leveraged the latest user-centric design strategies to deliver the most stunning consumer app on the market, allowing CSPs to trounce competing consumer Wi-Fi mobile apps—all under their own brand, and no one else’s. This app pairs with the carrier-class capabilities CSP support and marketing teams rely on to deliver flawless managed services, such as managed Wi-Fihome network security, and mobile notifications.

This combination of a stunning consumer design and carrier-class reliability was inspired by the revolutionary new GigaSpire® BLAST u4 Wi-Fi 6 system, which is propelling CSPs of all sizes past the consumer giants. Once again, Calix demonstrates the power of its platforms and the continuous evolution of the Revenue EDGE solution which keeps CSPs in the lead in their markets.

CommandIQ will allow CSPs to create:

Excited subscribers: The stunning design rivals the best consumer mobile apps in the market while enabling intuitive navigation so subscribers can quickly and easily customize their settings and preferences across devices, applications, and rooms to deliver an exceptional experience for every person in the home. The new in-app guidance will help new subscribers to ramp faster while facilitating the quick adoption of new services and capabilities such as My Priorities in ExperienceIQ™.

Powerful brands and marketing teams: The new “out-of-box” personalization capabilities for CommandIQ make it easier than ever for marketing teams to put their brands in their subscribers’ hands. Marketing teams can quickly personalize the look and feel of their app at no additional cost while leveraging Calix Marketing Cloud and the integrated mobile notifications to open a powerful direct communication channel to every subscriber.

Efficient support teams: The updated CommandIQ application reduces support calls with automated in-app guides and messaging that highlights features, provides contextual support, and ensures home networks run smoothly. Because CommandIQ was built with service provider teams in mind, support teams can use CommandIQ in tandem with Calix Support Cloud to simply validate issues with subscribers, understand how they are using the application, and validate fixes without a truck roll.

To ensure that the new CommandIQ app works for today’s CSP, Calix worked with many of its most innovative customers such as ALLOJade CommunicationsNorvado, and Silver Star—all of which are leveraging CommandIQ to establish a direct communication channel with subscribers. With CommandIQ activated in each subscriber home, CSPs can easily deliver value-added services via EDGE Suites to create new revenue streams. This latest redesign of the app makes creating an amazing subscriber experience easier than ever by incorporating capabilities such as:

Consumer Design: Developed with the latest user-centric design principles ensures that subscribers are excited by an amazing experience every time they use the CSP’s mobile app. It rivals the best in the world from tech giants like Google and Amazon.

Out-of-the-Box Personalization: Branding a “MobileIQ” app is simpler than ever. Put your brand directly in the palm of your subscribers’ hands. With a simple upload of your logo and a color selection, you can brand the app in minutes.

Automated Mobile Notifications: Thanks to the tight integration with Calix Marketing Cloud, you can leverage machine learning to automatically generate micro-segments you can target with offers and messages based on their actual needs and behaviors.

Self-Service: Subscribers benefit from built-in support materials and powerful “how-to” videos for setting up their optimal experience. You benefit from fewer support calls and higher subscriber satisfaction.

“Calix has created a solution that helps drive the subscriber experience today and into the future while keeping our brand front and center,” said Chad Mix, marketing director for Norvado. “The new look and feel of the app within our APEX Managed WIFI service will be a key part of achieving our 2021 goal of enhancing the experience we deliver to subscribers. With this redesign of the app, they will be better equipped to control their home network thanks to intuitive navigation that gets them to key features like network security and parental controls with fewer clicks. With subscribers consistently checking the app, we can also use it to communicate new features and tailored services quickly and easily.”

This release allows marketing and customer experience teams to enjoy unprecedented alignment around the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most for CSPs. For example, marketers can push in-app reminders to subscribers explaining how to reset passwords or create guest networks, reducing inbound service calls. They can also set up in-app campaigns that notify subscribers of service-related issues, helping customer experience teams reduce trouble tickets and truck rolls.

“CommandIQ embodies, in both form and function, our mission to help service providers of all sizes compete at the highest level by exciting their subscribers, simplifying their operations and growing the value of their businesses,” said Shane Eleniak, SVP Revenue EDGE products for Calix. “These updates will help Calix customers master the era of the mobile UI—in which the most visually-appealing, clean, simple design promotes brand value and sparks engagement, while the smart, strategic technical capabilities drive measurable business outcomes. We could not be more excited to launch these upgrades as we continue to see that a best practice for truly differentiated services starts with 100 percent adoption of a CSP branded mobile app. It is a critical starting point to engage with subscribers and excite them with new experiences.”


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