Calix Launches Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC)

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PETALUMA, CA — Calix, a provider of subscriber-driven intelligent access, announced the release of Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC), a powerful new Calix Cloud solution, expanding on five years of cloud-based customer success.

“Calix Cloud was created to deliver solutions tailored for the major groups within a service provider’s business, with CMC focused on solving the challenges facing today’s marketing organizations,” said Miguel Alonso, Calix vice president of software products. “When we began designing this solution, we started by examining what marketers need to be successful. In most marketing organizations, they must rely on static billing data housed in difficult to access data warehouses, such as monthly gigabyte consumption and service fees. This data does not provide the actionable insights they need to thrive. CMC gives marketing teams contextually rich insight into the how, when, and why of subscriber usage, information that was previously unavailable. Whether it is a network operating with Calix access systems or another vendor’s equipment, CMC frees the data to radically impact marketing effectiveness and deliver a higher ROI for every dollar spent.”

Aggregating Behavioral Data
All too often, marketers at service providers are limited to two types of static subscriber data: billing and data consumption. This limited information makes it difficult to identify subscriber usage and preference trends to drive successful marketing campaigns. CMC provides a deep understanding of the subscriber by aggregating behavioral data, allowing the marketer to create, target, and execute campaigns that deliver unprecedented results. Through easy-to-use behavioral filters, marketers can create actionable lists of target subscribers extracted directly from back-office systems. These lists are then loaded into context rich marketing campaigns to immediately impact key business objectives, such as increasing ARPU or reducing churn.

CMC delivers the critical behavioral information service provider marketers need to be successful, including:

  • Subscriber Insights: Through its nightly data refresh, CMC allows service providers to discover trends in one clear dashboard, with an emphasis on identifying subscribers who are candidates for service upgrades as well as those who may be prone to churn.

  • Customer Segmentation: CMC simplifies the segmentation process, providing detailed breakdowns of different user types such as gamers, social media enthusiasts, or heavy over-the-top (OTT) service users. Leveraging rich segmentation insights marketers can create contextually relevant product bundles and marketing content, or drive targeted campaigns to reduce churn or drive service upgrades leading to higher ARPU.

  • Targeted Campaigns: Once subscribers are segmented, CMC makes it easy to export the targets into the marketing vehicle of choice, whether it is an automation marketing engine like Salesforce Pardot or Marketo, a bill insert, an online campaign via the best CMC identified social media channel for the targets such as YouTube or Facebook, or a campaign loaded into a CRM system that is actioned by an outbound sales team or via a prompt during a service transaction.


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