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SAN JOSE, CA — Calix announced major enhancements to its everyPON strategy, delivering new 10G solutions for its AXOS and EXOS platforms. Now communications service providers (CSPs) of all sizes can leverage Calix Cloud to identify subscribers who would benefit from multi-gigabit services and deploy the passive optical network (PON) technologies of their choice on a single system or network to meet subscriber demand. AXOS is the only access platform with a portfolio of systems that will power networks built on all PON technology—GPON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON, and NG-PON2. Thanks to the Calix everyPON strategy, service providers are not limited to choosing a specific PON technology to deliver the 10G services that run on these systems. With AXOS, they can future-proof their fiber networks and deploy the right technology at the right time to optimize their capital investments.

The adoption of data-intensive applications like cloud gaming and remote worker high-definition video conferencing are driving the demand for 10G services. According to the latest Global Market Share Report for GPON and 10GPON from Broadbandtrends, at the end of Q1 2019, Calix platforms and systems represented nearly 40 percent of global 10G purchases. This is more than twice the share of the number two technology provider. Calix’s market leadership results from of our commitment to delivering 10G solutions that eliminate the need for CSPs to lock themselves into any one PON technology and enables CSPs to invest in multi-gigabit services for both existing and future networks.

Relevant Calix solutions include:

  • Calix Cloud – A unique analytics platform that enables CSPs to mine subscriber behavioral and network data to understand the needs of individual subscribers so they can invest when and where there is actual demand for 10G services.
  • AXOS systems – With the addition of the E3-2 XGS-PON module, XGS based services can now be delivered from any AXOS system. Thanks to its modular architecture and hardware independence, AXOS delivers common operating procedures that simplify CSP operations and enable them to run any PON technology on a single network while delivering 10G services from virtually any location.
  • EXOS systems – With the addition of the GigaProX business ONU for 10G business services to our EXOS portfolio, Calix now offers the most comprehensive end-to-end XGS solution set in the world. With the addition of the GP1200NG, any CSP can embrace NG-PON2 and begin deploying the converged network of the future today. By pairing any of our EXOS 10G ONUs with our EXOS Smart Home Systems, CSPs can elevate their services to meet new and emerging subscriber demands.

Calix has aligned a comprehensive set of capabilities to help CSPs maximize the return on their network investments. Calix Marketing Cloud gives CSPs the insights they need to understand subscriber usage patterns and behaviors. Once CSPs understand subscriber demand, they can choose the appropriate AXOS systems and PON technologies for their network. Progressive CSPs are also deploying EXOS systems that are designed to deliver next generation subscriber services that exploit high-bandwidth networks. As the market leader in 10G services, Calix is helping hundreds of CSPs evaluate their network strategy and investment. The Calix Servicesteam can help any CSP plan, deploy, operate, and monitor their next generation network.


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