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SINGAPORE — Calix announced a trio of new products which will leverage standards-based technology to bring a gigabit experience to subscribers located in multi-dwelling unit (MDU), multi-tenant unit (MTU), and high-density single family unit (SFU) dwellings. These innovative new EXA-enabled solutions — the E3-16F sealed distribution point unit (SDPU) node, the 870F MDU services delivery node, and the 844F GigaCenter — are extensions of the award-winning Calix GigaCenter family of premises service delivery platforms and E-Series product line, and complement the company's industry-leading fiber access portfolio and Compass software applications suite.

Enabling Fiber Deployments inside Existing High-density Housing
Delivering solutions to an underserved broadband market held back by the complexities and challenging economics of fiber deployment inside existing high density housing, Calix helps service providers leverage a combination of deep fiber deployment near or just inside the dwelling, then utilize existing in-building twisted copper pair wiring to deliver a powerful gigabit experience consisting of broadband speeds of nearly 1 Gbps, Carrier Class Wi-Fi, and cloud-enhanced services and experience management tools. Now, device-enabled subscribers living in high density dwellings that may have been bypassed by gigabit initiatives in the past can benefit from significantly increased broadband speeds, both wireline and wireless, and receive a world-class gigabit experience.

"Many service providers struggle with the logistics and economic challenge of deploying fiber within MDU environments because of difficult access and notoriously high churn," said Teresa Mastrangelo, principal and founder of Broadbandtrends LLC. " has emerged as an ideal technology for bridging this gap by matching the ability to deliver near gigabit speeds over the short copper loops found in most MDU environments with the reality that overlaying the twisted copper pair infrastructure in these buildings can be difficult and expensive. Many think of MDUs as a niche market, but they actually represent the majority of subscribers worldwide."

The Calix products leverage cutting-edge technology and combine it with a variety of innovations and hardware and software features that have the potential to dramatically change advanced broadband service deployment in high-density dwellings. Both the hardened, sealed E3-16F and its controlled environment sibling, the 870F, are fiber-fed — leveraging gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology in their first generation and auto-detecting both GPON and point-to-point Ethernet technologies in the future. Each node supports up to 16 ports with the flexibility to deliver each subscriber close to 1 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth. The 844F GigaCenter terminates the signal then provides a managed gigabit experience through hard-wired and Carrier Class Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as Compass-software-enabled visibility and control, to devices in each unit and throughout the building.

Persistent Management Agent (PMA)
The Calix solutions also support powerful Persistent Management Agent (PMA) and Persistent Management Agent Aggregation (PMAA) software that leverage the flexibility of software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) to facilitate the provisioning, configuration, and management of Calix products into existing back-office and management systems in addition to Calix E7 platforms. For optimal flexibility, the Calix solutions also have the ability to support legacy TDM infrastructure, simplifying the network transformation challenge for many large service providers. The entire solution is complemented by Calix Compass software, bringing end-to-end visibility of the gigabit experience from the cloud all the way to each subscriber device, and enabling new levels of control that dramatically reduce truck rolls, lower operating costs, and increase service velocity through faster turn-ups.

"We are excited to expand our fiber access portfolio with cutting-edge technologies targeted at the large MDU/MTU market that is craving the gigabit experience," said Michel Langlois, senior vice president of systems products at Calix. " provides an opportunity for service providers to extend their gigabit footprints into buildings that couldn't economically or easily be served by traditional fiber access, and we believe our new solutions have hit the mark in making these environments not only viable but also lucrative. We believe that we and our partner ecosystem are leading the way in bringing new innovations to this underserved market and are excited to be taking the wraps off of our solutions for the first time."


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